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Asian styrene butadiene rubber prices fell

last week, the spot price of Asian styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) fell by about 7%. Industry insiders said that as the supply continues to exceed the demand, the spot price of SBR may continue to fall this month. Due to sufficient supply and poor market demand, the shutdown of 75000 T/a SBR plant of Thailand BST elastomer company due to explosion on May 5 has not affected the market for the time being

as of the week of May 9, the spot price of sbr3 and sbr3 before startup was USD 3000 ~ 3100 (CIF, China). In May and June, the tire manufacturer's purchase intention price is 3000 US dollars (ton price, the same below, CIF, China). While the packaging film is thinned, we will first answer this friend's question. The partial purchase price is 2800 ~ 2900 US dollars (CIF, China). Due to the debt crisis in the euro zone, the fragility of the US economy and the slowdown of China's economy, market sentiment has become increasingly pessimistic. Since the beginning of April, the spot price of butadiene has fallen by US $1000, or about 29%

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