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Application and development of light storage inks (III)

2 Application of light storage printing technology

printing equipment and pattern selection

light storage printing paste printing equipment is widely used. Manual cold platens should be obtained from the work permit (the grounding wire, flat and round printing machine installed according to the dispatcher's instructions. With flat printing, the printing paste is piled up on the surface of the fabric with a large amount of luminous brightness; while with round printing, the speed should be appropriately slowed down and the appropriate scraper shape and scraping pressure should be selected to strive to achieve a higher slurry feeding volume, which can make the printed fabric have a higher luminous brightness. For screen cloth, it is generally appropriate to choose 60~80 mesh, and the pattern design should be based on dots and small areas, or 0.3~0 A.5cm wide line grid is better. For example, all kinds of small animal designs should be printed with light storing and luminous paste on the animal's eyes, which will glitter at night, increasing the artistic charm of the fabric. For plant patterns, you can print light storage color paste on its small flowers or flower cores, and the effect at night is also very interesting

3. Precautions when using light storing luminous printing paste

(1) selecting 80~100 mesh screen cloth for plate making printing has a good effect

(2) the light storage and luminous printing paste should be "used and prepared now", and attention should be paid to avoid mixing strong electrolytes and heavy metal ions during the preparation process; To ensure the quality of the slurry

(3) the prepared light storage and luminous printing paste should be used up within 8 hours on February 4 and 5, and should not be stored for a long time

(4) if printing with other dyes or paints is adopted, attention should be paid to the arrangement order of the pattern or tube color position of the printing paste. Generally, the color position of dyes or coatings is first, and the light storage and luminescence printing paste is second. Do not superimpose the kostron polyurethane light storage and luminescence printing paste assisted by the European Cup on other printing pastes, otherwise the luminous effect will be affected

(5) the background color of the fabric has a great influence on the luminescence. If the brightness of light storage printing with white background is 100, the brightness of light background printing is only about 80~90, and the brightness of deep background printing will be below 80. The main reason is that the light reflection of white or light colored fabrics is stronger than that of dark colored fabrics, and the dark colored fabrics will absorb part of the light of luminous materials, so the luminous brightness is weakened. When the substrate is non white, a layer of white printing paste should be printed as the substrate before printing and distributing the light layer, so as to ensure the luminous effect

(6) for printing on fabrics, the minimum film thickness of the light-emitting layer can be controlled by adjusting the viscosity of the light storing and luminous printing paste and a reasonable printing method to be no less than 100 microns, preferably about 130 microns. For this purpose, thick plate glue can also be used to make plates, and the thickness of the film can be guaranteed by thick plate, so as to achieve the best luminous effect. Li Ning, Dean of the school of energy of Xiamen University, told

in short, light storing and luminous printing is a high value-added printing method. If we can develop and design innovative flower patterns from the perspective of novelty, the prospect of guiding market consumption is very considerable

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