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The application and development of CTP Technology (II)

II. The application and development of CTP in China

1. The current market situation of CTP in China in 2001

printing technology magazine conducted a CTP market survey in September 2001. The data in the left table is the result of this survey. The survey shows that the market ownership of direct plate making equipment in China has exceeded 60 sets (excluding Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan Province). Due to the rapid development of the market, some data are dynamic, so they are conducting a new round of investigation. At present, the number of CTP equipment is expected to reach 80 sets

2. Fierce market competition

in the domestic direct plate making equipment market, Creo has the first market share, and Agfa has the second market share. Both of them occupy more than 2/3 of the direct plate making equipment market in China. The former is the representative of thermal technology; The latter has thermal, visible and violet laser technologies, and has a good performance in the commercial and newspaper direct plate making equipment market

3. There are regional differences in CTP market

the survey shows that there are 13 cup punching die codes in provinces, cities and autonomous regions that have direct plate making equipment in China, including 35 sets in Guangdong (including 16 sets in Shenzhen); There are 7 and 5 sets in Shanghai and Beijing; Other regions are only in the initial stage, as shown in the left table

4. The application of CTP equipment in the field of commercial printing for a long time, insiders believe that direct plate making technology will be widely used in the newspaper industry, but the survey shows that at present, only 20 of the 61 sets of direct plate making equipment in China are used in the newspaper industry, and the remaining 41 sets are used in the field of commercial printing

III. main problems in the application of CTP equipment

1. Data speaking

factors that hinder the popularity of direct plate making equipment and users' psychology of purchasing CTP equipment, we can see that price, technology and plate materials have become the main factors

2. plate material problem

plate material problem is the bottleneck of CTP technology application. Compared with traditional PS plate, CTP plate material price is higher, so it leads to higher production costs

3. Price problem

ctp equipment is expensive. Even large newspapers should think twice when introducing CTP equipment. It can be seen from the questionnaire that the price problem is the main factor hindering the popularity of direct plate making equipment

4. CTP technology is still in the process of development

at present, CTP technology is still in the process of development, such as imaging technology. These problems have become another obstacle to the application of CTP technology

5. digital proofing and color management

proofing is a very critical step that affects the publishing cycle and printing quality in the prepress production process of color books and newspapers. In the process of digital proofing, there is naturally the problem of color management. First of all, the printing factory should break away from the original traditional proofing concept and introduce digital proofing; Secondly, we should correctly choose digital proofing and apply it to the actual process

these five factors play a decisive role. 6. Digital workflow

the premise of CTP plate making and full page output is the digitization of prepress process flow. The popularization and application of digital workflow has become a problem that major printing plants must face and solve

IV. CT (1) and pulse reflection method: some suggestions on the application of P in China in the 7810th century

1. Strengthen cooperation with foreign countries to develop CTP equipment suitable for China's national conditions

a small number of high-end equipment still need to be imported, but the domestic popular CTP equipment should be localized through assembly, introduction of key components or other cooperation methods

2. Realize the localization of CTP plates through joint ventures and cooperation

at present, the cooperation between our institute and Fuji company in Japan is to shorten the development time, improve the starting point of plate development, and provide domestic high-quality CTP plates to meet the needs of domestic users. If the localization of plates can be realized in China as soon as possible, the application of CTP equipment in China will be greatly improved

3. Establish digital workflow

the establishment of digital workflow is conducive to give full play to the role of CTP equipment, improve the utilization rate of equipment, and recover the investment as soon as possible

4. adopt digital proofing technology. China will conform to the trend of digital development, especially after China's accession to the WTO, the laboratory must be equipped with new corresponding instruments and equipment to meet the standard requirements. China will take more and more steps to apply CTP technology, and CTP will replace the traditional plate making and be widely used in the printing industry

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