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The application and development of the latest inkjet technology

packaging and printing enterprises such as food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, cables, drugs and cosmetics need to spray numbers, bar codes, patterns or words on products or outer packaging cartons frequently or at high speed. Practice has proved that the application of modern high-tech inkjet printer can greatly improve the production efficiency and the clarity of inkjet printing words, so as to improve the quality of products and enable enterprises to win a broader product market and better economic benefits

trace the printing history of numbers, bar codes, patterns or words on products. Before the invention of non-contact continuous inkjet printers, silk printers, pad printers and even more primitive mechanical roller punches were often used to complete printing. The result is poor legibility and time-consuming. The production efficiency is low, and more and more customers and consumers are lost due to the poor printing quality of products, which makes the production enterprises suffer losses. Therefore, advanced equipment is urgently needed to replace them

through the efforts of scientists and many scientific and technological workers, small print inkjet printer and carton inkjet printer have been developed successively. At present, these non-contact continuous inkjet printers have become the first choice to change the backward situation. Small print inkjet printer is mainly used to print small text. Digital and graphic printing products. Carton inkjet printer, as the name suggests, is used to spray large words, numbers and graphics on the outer packaging carton. Compared with the previous printing equipment and technology, these two types of non-contact continuous inkjet printers have at least the following eight common advantages. Through the industry university research cooperation between Nanjing University of technology and Nanjing xuankai company:

(1) clear and lasting handwriting: computer control, accurately print the required numbers and words. Patterns, bar codes, etc

(2) high degree of automation: automatically change the date, batch and number, and realize the unmanned operation of the printing process

(3) wide range of applications: it can match any production line. It can spray print trademarks, ex factory date, description, batch number, etc. on the surfaces of various materials and different shapes, such as plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber, metal, etc

(4) programming is fast and convenient: input the required numbers, words, patterns, lines and other information through the computer or machine, change the printing information, and just press the number key to complete it

(5) adjustable character size: the font width and height can be adjusted within an appropriate range, and the font can be bold at will

(6) the number of printing lines is adjustable: the number of printing lines is adjustable from 1 to 5 lines, and can be matched arbitrarily

(7) extremely fast printing speed: suitable for large-scale flow operations

(8) meet special needs: spray printing with invisible ink, and spray the invisible information or anti-counterfeiting identifier on the product perfectly

precisely because the non-contact small print inkjet printer and carton inkjet printer are the crystallization of computer and high technology, their reliability is quite high, the software version is easy to upgrade, and the cost of printing once on the product is very low, which also has the above significant advantages. Therefore, small print inkjet printer and carton inkjet printer can be widely used in various industries such as food, beverage, tobacco and alcohol, packaging, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, mechanical parts and cables. Many famous inkjet printers also have historical fault records. Even if there is a fault, the maintenance personnel can quickly find the cause of the fault and solve it quickly

1. Principle of inkjet printing

the principle of inkjet printing of small typewriter is: under the action of high pressure, the ink enters the spray gun, and the spray gun is equipped with a crystal oscillator, whose vibration frequency is about 62.5khz. Through vibration, the ink ejects to form a fixed interval point, and at the same time, it is charged at the charging electrode and goes deep into the first production line of the enterprise for investigation and research. The charged ink dots fly out after being deflected by the high-voltage electrode and fall on the sprayed surface to form a lattice. The ink dots without words are not charged, so they will not deflect and will be directly injected into the recycling tank and recycled. The ink dots sprayed on the surface of the substrate are arranged in a row, which can be full, empty or in between. The movement of the object perpendicular to the deflection direction of the ink dot (or the movement of the nozzle) can make the columns form a gap

the inkjet principle of the big type machine is different from that of the small type machine: the spray gun of the big type machine is equipped with 7 micro solenoid valves that can only be opened and closed at high speed instead of crystal oscillators. The text or graphics to be printed are processed by the computer board, and a series of 7 groups of electrical signals are output to 7 micro solenoid valves through the output board, so that the ink dots are sprayed on the sprayed surface to form a dot matrix and form words. Numbers or graphics

the font effect produced by the above two methods is to form Chinese characters in the form of dot matrix, but now another printing method that has recently entered the country is increasingly recognized by users, "Dr. Fred good, vice president of global technology of Ashland high performance materials, added, and gradually replaced the printing method of dot matrix font. The new spray printing method adopts piezoelectric ceramic technology, with 128 nozzles working at the same time in the range of about 2cm for spray printing. The font effect produced by the spray printing is very similar to that of the printed matter, which can make the packaging effect to a higher level. 2. Function and fault analysis of inkjet printer

according to the analysis of inkjet printing principle, the faults of small type machine and large type machine often appear on the spray gun. The crystal oscillator equipment and electric field deflection equipment used by it may fail. The filter device and negative suction pump of the recovery tank should also be replaced frequently. At present, most customers still prefer imported machines, thinking that their quality is up to standard and their service is good. But its charge is also several times higher than that of domestic equipment

the new inkjet printer with piezoelectric ceramic technology mostly adopts the method of natural flow of ink to the nozzle for printing, without pump, filter device, crystal oscillator and other components. Relatively, the frequency of failures is much less. Regardless of font size, a machine can be fully competent to spray both large and small characters. However, due to the small jet pressure of its ink, its jet printing distance is relatively close. In principle, the closer the jet printing distance is, the better the jet printing effect is. Therefore, the inkjet printer using piezoelectric ceramic technology has poor inkjet printing effect on special-shaped objects, such as plastic belts after packaging and materials with uneven surfaces. However, the printing effect of flat surface objects, such as cartons, packaging boxes, bottle caps and other object surfaces, is much better than that of large and small type machines

3. How to choose reliable inkjet printer products

for production enterprises, inkjet printer is an indispensable product on the assembly line. Inkjet printing is an important part of flow operation. If the failure rate of inkjet printing machine is high or the operation is complex, the whole production line will be affected from manufacturing to packaging, from production to sales. Most people are superstitious about the brand strength and quality of imported machines. In fact, from the perspective of technology, there is not much difference between domestic machines and imported machines. After more than 10 years of research and development and market expansion, domestic machines are not inferior to imported machines, but also superior to imported machines in some aspects, such as Chinese font printing, simple and convenient operation, flexible and timely service, etc. It is recommended that users choose a suitable inkjet printer from a practical point of view

in addition, users also need to pay attention to the scalability of inkjet printer. With the continuous development of enterprises, many new requirements are bound to be added, which are often not taken into account when purchasing machines. This requires machines to have good expansion space and be able to add new functions. For example, with the development of the company, random codes, bar code printing and other functions need to be added

again, we need to consider the cost of consumables. In the actual production process, the cost of consumables cannot be underestimated. A person in charge of a pharmaceutical factory once said angrily when the production volume was large: "the cost of consumables used every year can buy a car!" In fact, it's no exaggeration at all. The cost of each spray printing is one percent less, and the annual spray printing can be thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan less! Therefore, the rotation on complex projects will not be single 1. When purchasing, we should choose machines with low consumables cost

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