60 year history of the hottest transistor

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Sixty years ago, scientists at Bell Labs proved the most important invention of the 20th century: the first real transistor

it's hard to say when the electronic age originated, but williamsturgeon's development of electromagnetism in 1825 sowed the seeds for josephhenry's invention of the rough telegraph in 1830, which was the first electrical system used for Telecommunication (1 mile). After only 14 years, it is not uncommon for car companies and aluminum companies to jointly develop all aluminum new energy vehicles. Samuelmorse sent a message through the 40 mile link between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore

although the characteristics of the telegraph were simple at that time, it was surprising that the demand grew quite rapidly. In 1851, Western Union began commercial operation, that is, in the same decade, cyrusfield connected the old and new worlds through a fragile cable, although the cable was interrupted for at least three weeks after the first message was transmitted. However, the subsequent efforts were successful. Instant communication with the other side of the Atlantic, even though this technology is well-known

although alexandergrahambell was invented in 1875 and is still widely praised today, it became a practical device when thomase3 and the maintenance service dison invented the carbon microphone two years later. The voice of the loudspeaker is modulated by a packet of carbon particles, and the signal is sent to the receiver by changing the resistance of the circuit. 3. Tensile testing machine

soon after, many inventors put forward the idea of wireless communication, and guglielmomarconi sorted out the patent applied for in 1896 and subsequent empirical studies. Like the telegraph, early radios did not use CPUs, transistors, or vacuum tubes. Based on the research of other inventors, especially nikolatesla, Marconi uses high voltage and spark gap to introduce electromagnetic waves into a coil and antenna. That signal radiates across the entire spectrum, which is unimaginably noisy by today's standards, but they work. In fact, the famous SOS signal of TNK yesterday was broadcast using the 5kW spark gap device manufactured by Marconi wireless telegraph company

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