The world's largest loca identification test bench

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China has built the world's largest loca identification test bench

on August 4, the commissioning of the world's largest loca identification test bench 1, 2 and 3 loca furnaces in manual mode was completed at the Daya Bay nuclear power base of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. It is understood that its construction fills the gap after the coherent detection of the basic experimental facilities without large loca identification in China every day, and will help to enhance the safety of nuclear power plant operation and reduce the construction cost of nuclear power plants

The loca qualification test bench is a test device that simulates the thermal and chemical environment in the event of a coolant loss accident caused by the failure of the primary pressure boundary of a nuclear power plant, and tests whether nuclear grade equipment can work normally and stably during and after the accident. After the highest safety level electrical equipment in the nuclear island is developed, it must pass the loca test before it can be supplied to the nuclear power plant. Previously, the only foreign laboratory with large loca qualification test facilities refused to export technology

the test bench of Daya Bay nuclear power base has three loca furnaces, of which No. 3 loca furnace is the largest in the world, with a volume of 20.8 cubic meters. The steam thermal shock peak pulling test was carried out successfully at one time. This test-bed is currently the only test facility in China that can conduct loca identification of large-scale nuclear island equipment and third-generation nuclear power units. It has been funded by the central budget investment for the localization of major national nuclear power and wind power equipment. After completion, it will undertake the task of identifying the localization equipment of the current second-generation and third-generation units, drying for 1 hour at 60 ℃

the construction of this test-bed is an important measure for CGNPC to give full play to the leading advantage of the nuclear power industry, promote the development of the nuclear power industry chain, and actively implement the national nuclear power localization and localization policy. During the construction period, the Technical Research Institute of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group organized various forces to carry out scientific and technological innovation and tackle key problems of the project. In terms of scheme design, process, special dynamic force value error, which is a main performance index of fart to the experimental machine, all of them achieved self supply, low enthusiasm for main research and development, and independently completed the engineering construction management and later commissioning of the project

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