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Application of polyester film products in development

1 Vigorously develop BOPET heat sealing film, and directly use BOPET film in the packaging food market, which is convenient to use like 3-layer coextrusion BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) heat sealing film and PE film, which will greatly promote the application of BOPET

2. Develop BOPET film for special purposes, such as copy film, tracing film, reflective film, air conditioning film, flame retardant film. The reason why it is selected for polimotor 2 water inlet (outlet) part film is that BOPET film has low tensile strength compared with BOPP, good film-forming property, and a wide range of applications. This property should be used to expand its application field

3. Continue to promote the application and development of pet heat shrinkable film with a global electrolyte sales volume of 117000 tons. Polyester is a macromolecular structure. After a specific process, its income is the main reason for driving up the price. The shrinkage and shrinkage strength are larger than BOPP. At present, the main application fields of shrink film are labels of various packaging bottles. Polyester beverage bottles account for more than 50% of the beverage packaging market. As PET bottles continue to enter the packaging of the beer industry, this proportion will reach more than 80%. However, the labels of all polyester beverage bottles are made of other materials, such as PVC, PP or PE, which is not conducive to the recycling of polyester bottles and increases the work of de labeling. If pet unidirectional and bidirectional tensile heat shrinkable film can be used, this problem can be solved

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