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Introduction to the application and development of fresh fruit juice packaging technology

the preservation of fresh fruit juice is a difficult problem. The general practice is to seal the fruit juice after high temperature treatment. However, after high temperature treatment, the nutrition of fruit juice will be seriously damaged, and it will be replaced after only 6 months, and the taste will be reduced at the same time. Therefore, how to package fresh fruit juice freshly squeezed from fruit to maintain its flavor and nutrition as much as possible has become a hot topic in the research of fruit juice manufacturing industry

fresh cooled juice pack the fresh cooled juice, do not carry out sterilization treatment, and store it at -1 ℃. The preservation time is shorter, and it can only be kept for two days

cool fruit juice in thick paper box. Sterilize the fruit juice at 88 ℃ for 20 seconds, put it into the designed "maker" thick paper box with good waterproof performance, and store it at -1 ℃ for up to three weeks

hot packaged cooling fruit juice

sterilize the fruit juice at 88 ℃ for 2min, lay a foundation for the long-term development of Hong Kong, and then put it into containers for cooling. It can be stored for 1 year at -1 ℃

aseptic canned chilled juice (although aseptic P ack chilled juice in a depressed environment)

after the juice is sterilized at 880C for 30min, it is put into a container that has been sterilized in advance and cooled, and the shelf life is up to 1 year at -l~c. The cooled juice can also be packaged in paper containers

introduce a new fresh-keeping packaging technology for fresh fruit juice

technical methods and characteristics. This technology is to sterilize the fruit by sunshine, ultraviolet light, heating (temperature) and other methods first. Then it is crushed, squeezed and fermented, filtered after fermentation, and then heated to kill the yeast. Finally, the juice is put into a container and sealed

the feature of this technology is that no preservative is added to the fresh fruit juice fresh-keeping packaging, nor is it cooled by cold storage or low-temperature equipment, but stored at room temperature. Its nutrition will not be destroyed, and 90% of the VC and other aromatic substances of the original fruit will be maintained, which meets the national standard of food hygiene. It can be fresh-keeping and stored at room temperature for more than one year. It is suitable for keeping grape juice, bean juice, hawthorn juice and other fruit juices fresh

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