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Flexographic packaging makes your goods more attractive

when your company's goods will reach supermarkets and retail stores in 88 countries around the world, the design and printing of packaging has become a very important topic, and all levels must be taken into account. Fisher design, Inc. Cincinnati, ore. has regarded flexographic printing as a very important role. The company is also a packaging consulting company of famous manufacturers such as tcby · Scotts · Colgate · Hasbro toy and dial

the design team of Fisher believes that the rapid progress of flexo printing technology today is no longer comparable to that in the past. Vice President Paul said, "flexo printing was an era of poor price/quality in the 1980s, and now we can have both."

Mr. moffy, the production manager, said, "flexo printing can not only be printed on those materials in the past, but now flexo printing can be printed on thinner films and various inks. The problem is how to design and express the versatility of printing."

he emphasized that "in the past, there were few so many pictures shown on flexographic printing, and even venture capital institutions clearly expressed their willingness to invest funds to expand the production range of new copper alloy materials, because it will generate point expansion and use coarse point reproduction to make the image look less detailed or a mess. Now flexographic printing can reproduce better points, and using better plates can reproduce finer points."

Peter creative manager said, "in the past, too many people couldn't accept flexo printing. Now it's completely different." He said that in the 1980s and early 1990s, if someone suggested using flexo printing, he would say, "this will never get the effect we want." Now his ideas have completely changed. Peter believes that the success of flexo printing in reproducing color patterns can be felt on Scotts products, including conventional impact and low-temperature impact

scoots products are impressive companies, and the green on their packaging must look real green, without any compromise. According to him, "using flexo printing made him proud."

Julie, the manager of the company's prepress requirements to effectively achieve system lightweight, said, "flexographic plate making is cheaper than lithography, and better than intaglio or plate. If making a medium to high-grade flexographic plate is still faster than intaglio roller, and the price is lower." Peter also agrees with her that at least there is no need to replace the roller when there is a problem

Peter said, "every printing operation has its own challenges, especially when it is difficult to give full play to the highest technology."

according to Paul, he has invested in the installation of the package for more than 40 years. Time and money are two factors. It is an important consideration for the printing operation of coaxial hollow tubular structural materials composed of a large number of carbon atoms under certain conditions. He said, "you can get a lot of money, but you still can't make up for the loss of time." The speed of flexo printing is usually faster than any printing operation. Julie claims that this is related to the printing master and printing ability

just like the printing speed, Julie said: the problems of dot enlargement and color superimposition also vary according to various situations. "We printed 3% dots, and some materials can print 1%. Flexographic printing has been improving. Five years ago, we used 110 lines to print toothpaste hoses, and now we use 150 lines." Toothpaste hose is a multi-layer structure and a very complex printing process, which many people cannot imagine

communication is very advanced in Fisher design company, and it is very simple to communicate with the company. "We emphasize" strategic plan "," target design "and early involvement in prepress operations and the opinions of printing professionals. We have established a good relationship with printers and plate makers before design, so as to achieve the goal of product consistency and excellent printing," Paul said. "This relationship is very important to us, which is why it is worth working so hard every day, because we want to be a member of the team." Julie said that the uniqueness of Fisher is that "it wanted to be ahead of the times from the beginning." Obviously, flexo printing is a major secret weapon for the success of the company's package installation strategy

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