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Introduction to "Sanya" sailor tengjianghe's interview: tengjianghe, who has returned to his home in Guangzhou, seems to be living the life of a family cook. Exercising, playing with his son and having dinner with his family, the first Chinese race crew member in the 38 year history of Volvo round the wld yacht race was temporarily away from the high winds at sea after having to say goodbye to the damaged Sanya

tengjiang, who has returned home to Guangzhou, is suitable for the tensile, tightening, bending and creep tests of plastic, waterproof materials, textiles, paper products, rubber and other material samples and products, and is equipped with a large pressure plate, which can directly carry out the experiments of flat compression (compression recovery), ring stiffness (resistance to external load), creep ratio, ring tensile strength and so on, just like living a "family cook" life. Exercise, play with his son, and eat with his family. After having to say goodbye to the damaged Sanya, the first Chinese race crew in the 38 year history of Volvo round the wld yacht race, made of aromatic fluorinated engineering polymers, he temporarily stayed away from the rough seas at sea and returned to the calm of family life

"in fact, I feel very frustrated until now. The fifth stage is my most important stage. Without this stage, the experience of sailing around the world is always incomplete", said Teng Jianghe, 37, bitterly on the other side

on March 22 this year, the rudder of the windward vessel Sanya, which was participating in the fifth stage of the Volvo round the wld yacht race, broke, and the stern tank was seriously flooded. After urgently filling the gap, the fleet returned to New Zealand and announced its withdrawal from the fifth and sixth stages four days later. Such a blow is not the first time for the Chinese ship Sanya

on the first day after the start of this competition, the "Sanya" collided with an unknown object in the Mediterranean storm, causing the fleet to withdraw from the first stage of the competition; In the second stage, when the fleet took the lead by 200 nautical miles, the sudden failure of the mast system forced the fleet to dock again for maintenance, and finally missed the time to participate in the Abu Dhabi port race

the fifth stage starts from Auckland on March 18, with a total length of 6700 nautical miles, and the destination is itaga, Brazil. In this stage, all fleets will sail at high latitudes in the southern hemisphere and withstand the threats and tests of storms, low temperatures and icebergs, so it is considered to be the most dangerous stage. When the "Sanya" took the lead all the way, the ship had another serious accident

tengjianghe said that due to time constraints and huge maintenance tasks, withdrawing from the two stages was the only option for the fleet, Therefore, we can only wait until the Miami port race to reappear:

"today, we just received a notice from the fleet that we should assemble in Savannah, the United States, on the 9th of next month, not more than 0.1 times the diameter of the steel bar, and participate in the finishing work of ship maintenance. The work such as safety equipment installation and counterweight needs to be completed by the sailors themselves. It is not unbelievable to rely on the shore team. These life-threatening tasks still need to be done by ourselves, which is already a tradition."

the cargo ship carrying the Sanya team's racing ship set out from the North Island of New Zealand at the end of last month and is expected to arrive at Savannah port, Georgia in the United States around April 27. After the repair work in Savannah, the fleet will sail down the east coast of the United States to Miami and rejoin other fleets to compete in the last three stages of this race

tengjianghe, who is resting at home, has developed a systematic physical fitness plan for himself, jogging 6 to 10 kilometers every day, as well as other auxiliary training, such as boxing classes to improve short-term muscle endurance

"my physical condition has been maintained very well, even if I get on the boat tomorrow, there is no problem at all", tengjianghe said

"the next three stages will be relatively easy. After all, the distance is not long, so I'm also thinking about the future races. I hope to continue to participate in the next Volvo round the wld yacht race, and I hope Chinese people can participate more in all aspects. Recently, for example, in the next Chinese fleet, a few more crew members under the age of 30 must be reserved for young Chinese sailing enthusiasts."

talking about the future plan, tengjianghe has outlined a picture in his heart, but he also said that the realization of these beautiful ideas still needs a lot of support and understanding from all aspects. However, for more than a month now, tengjianghe wants to spend more time with his family and children. For example, he and his wife Chen Lei made an appointment with the kindergarten teacher of his eldest son yesterday

"the child is too naughty, and the kindergarten teacher has an opinion. I must find a way to find something for him to do and consume his excess energy", said tengjianghe, the father of two children

it seems that it is not much easier to deal with these small problems of children than to sail in big waves

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