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Flexo printing opens the new situation of folding carton production (I)

carton printers all know that the sales market of folding carton has become more and more difficult in the past few years. Customers demand higher printing quality products, while middlemen are also seeking lower and lower prices. This oppression caused some carton manufacturers to go bankrupt, while others were forced to unite and watch the market together

fortunately, some good news came. Some carton manufacturers have found a novel technology to produce folding cartons with web flexographic presses to challenge these pressures. Nowadays, the quality of flexographic printing is comparable to that of lithography, and it is easily accepted by most carton manufacturers. The design of the printing machine adopts the method of web paper supply, which reduces the one-time scanning requirements of many carton products, thus bringing good economic benefits to middlemen who need to get rich, even under such difficult market conditions

this article is to introduce the basic knowledge of flexographic printing carton machine, so that those manufacturers who are not familiar with the process can obtain the general essentials needed to enter flexographic printing, and explain the similarities and differences between flexographic printing and lithographic printing in the production process

prepress part

graphics and pictures. Compared with lithography, the pictures printed by flexography are in digital format. The hardware and software used to process picture files in lithography can also be used for flexographic picture files. The difference lies in the way they deal with suitable documents. For example, flexo has good strength, so its color separation will be different. Because the flexographic printing machine adopts multi unit work, which is far more than the number of flat-panel printing machine units, its color separation process is more flexible. This provides better color matching, density and repetition accuracy for text printing or line printing. In any case, after the file processing is completed, the pictures (works of Art) will be sent to the next process, that is, film output or digital plate making

film/traditional plate making. Traditional film and plate making processes are also widely used by many printers and prepress studios. Digital printing plate has many advantages in production processing and printing quality, and will gradually replace the traditional plate making method. First use film to describe the correct document of each printing plate/color, and then expose the photosensitive resin plate. The printing plate is ready to be installed on the printing plate cylinder after cleaning, drying and full plate. The repetition accuracy of printing plate cylinder determines the repetition accuracy of printing. For a specific job, the printing plate has great advantages, and it is not necessary to concentrate the printing plate for proofing

digital printing plate. The development of digital plate making technology is relatively late, but compared with traditional plate making, it has many advantages. Not using film is a very obvious advantage. More importantly, its improved printing characteristics (due to better dot structure) make the quality of flexographic printing reach a higher level, which can compete with the traditional lithographic printing market. The digital version is imaged by laser, including exposure, cleaning, finishing and installation to the plate cylinder

in all flexo processing processes, equipment, inks, embossing rollers, substrate materials, printing plates, coatings/adhesives and other factors must be correctly combined in order to obtain the highest quality folding cartons

wire rod and profile (Angang Group, Xinpu and other companies) machinery Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is, after all, a prepress supplier and plate making studio of a manufacturer specializing in the production of experimental machines and processing railway equipment (Anyang railway equipment, Lida railway equipment, Northern Railway Equipment, Hongyuan wheel and other companies). Compared with lithography, the prepress of flexo can be completed in the studio or outsourced to professional prepress suppliers. More and more companies can complete at least part of the prepress work, which is easy to control costs and get faster printing speed. Enterprises usually choose to make the documents needed for flexographic plate making in the professional printing studio before forming and back injection of the stable fiber-reinforced composite material called "organic sheet", and then send the documents (film) to the packaging carton processing plant to make the printing plate. There is also a way to adjust the force value of the mortar tensile testing machine by setting the key: the plate making staff complete most of the work in the prepress studio, but send the more challenging work to the professionals with rich work experience

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