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Network: an important part of virtual operation

recently, the topic about virtual operators has once again become the focus of the industry. Following the exposure of the first virtual operator SIM card, the completion of dial-up testing and the implementation of the number segment, the brand and Tariff Scheme of virtual operators have also been released one after another. According to internal sources, the first batch of SIM cards will be officially released as soon as the end of April, with an initial release scale of about 100000. This also means that the first batch of virtual operators in China have started formal market operations

virtual operators may be new to the public, but they are definitely not a new topic for insiders. In December last year, the Ministry of industry and information technology has issued the first batch of 11 pilot approvals. If you haven't heard of virtual operators, you won't feel strange to network, because Microsoft has launched Skype, a free network software, as early as eight years ago, and countless friends have pursued this software for a long time

network is an important part of virtual operation. In China, free Internet has always been an important weight to balance the high telephone charges of the three giants of China Mobile, China Unicom and telecommunications. Among many Networking software, youxinluo has always been the leader in the Chinese industry. On the premise of its full HD call sound quality based on the new generation of innovative call voice engine and the framework of Hong Kong international telecommunication line, youxinluo has rapidly accumulated 40million users with the help of the crazy expansion of 4G network, and has become the leader of the industry

Youxin is a free internet communication software based on the address book. It uses unique internet technology, software technology and global high-quality line resources to provide free internet access for users all over the world. It has the following characteristics: voice communication service, global free voice calls between friends, non friends also support free calls to domestic landlines and, free instant chat, and support the sending of voice, pictures, location and text messages, In the network environment, it can make high-quality network calls with friends, and the call fee is far lower than that of traditional mobile network providers. Therefore, youxinluo has been welcomed by many friends since its launch

in the long run, the development of networks is an inevitable trend. Based on the 3g/4g network foundation, there are qualitative changes in people's social needs, which will inevitably lead to the shift from free chat to free call. This is only a matter of time concern

for example, there is Xinluo, whose function is based on wifi/3g/4g network environment. Under this network condition, users can experience high-definition call quality and it is completely free. For example, in 2G network environment, voice communication function can still be realized by callback, which is also higher than the call quality of traditional operators, but the cost is far lower than that of domestic mobile communication operators Effective control of key parameters such as size

not only that, youxinluo is ahead of the traditional network in terms of technology and operation innovation. Based on the vertical field of voice calls, it adds customized content push function, free SMS sending function, cloud backup function of address book, and achieves the ultimate in call security. You can choose to display or not display the call number, In many vertical application fields, Xinluo has left the traditional network far behind, which has greatly promoted the overall development of the network market

when facing the thinking of mobile Internet, virtual operators should still refer to more. 5. In terms of experimental projects, various playing methods that have been well performed in the field of network communication at present. Youxin is also laying out voice o2o life services, and hopes to see more wonderful applications in the vertical field of voice calls

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