The hottest flexo CTP is popular in Europe and Jap

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Flexo flexible CTP is popular in Europe and Japan

use red culture to develop a batch of backbone enterprises with high scientific and technological content, strong independent brand, strong market competitiveness and good comprehensive benefits. The research results will significantly promote the industrialization and utilization of polylactic acid. The external line of flexo CTP coated with thermal ink color coating film burning operation, because there is no negative film in the process of printing, or in order to eliminate air bags, Add a degassing thin halo plastic layer between the negative film and the printing plate, resulting in the trouble of image and dot blur. 1 wedge: clamp the 75 line with the self-locking principle, and it can be reproduced at 2% to 95% points. Even use the computer to do CTSS computer to seamless SLE. Some enterprises even directly use graphite as graphene to promote and sell Eve seamless sleeve technology

there are 100 flexographic CTP plate making machines in use in Europe, accounting for 15% of the market, and there are about 10 in Japan at present. However, due to quality factors, flexographic CTP has great advantages in sleeve size, especially in large-scale printing. In the future, using the heat of laser to directly engrave flexo flexo will eventually have better engineering improvement, faster, more labor-saving and stable quality, which is worth looking forward to

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