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An innovation of fire retardant coating for steel structures

an innovation of fire retardant coating for steel structures

June 6, 2003

Company responds to the changes of its proliferation. Heat insulating multi-functional fire retardant coating for steel structures is a high-performance, multi-purpose new one component fire retardant coating without

, The fire-proof coating adopts special non-metallic minerals as the main material, compounded with new inorganic adhesives,

Special fillers and various chemical additives, and is manufactured according to specific processing technology

compared with traditional coatings, S330 heat insulation multifunctional steel structure fire retardant coating has many unique excellent qualities:

1 One component powder coating is non-toxic and tasteless. The coating contains special adhesives. It does not need to be equipped with additional liquid adhesives like ordinary two-component

coatings. During construction, it only needs to be 1:1 with water 5 to form a uniform thick fluid, which can be sprayed or applied

2. Good elasticity. As we all know, the expansion coefficient of steel after heating is very large, and if the coating has a small expansion coefficient and poor elasticity, it will cause the coating to not adapt to the changes of thermal expansion and cold contraction of steel, and eventually make the coating easy to crack and fall off. The S330 coating uses a new binder to replace the brittle bonding materials such as cement or water glass

glass used in the traditional two-component coating. Therefore, the fire-proof coating after drying and curing has excellent elasticity, impact resistance and crack resistance

, and the bonding strength between the coating and the steel base is greatly improved (> 0.46mpa) greater than the national standard of 0.04MPa

3. Good decoration. After the ordinary two-component coating is applied, it is easy to crack and fall off due to its brittleness and stress. S330 coating can be used as a user friend of spring testing machine. After the last spraying, it can be smoothed at will without cracking, and the surface is coated with decorative steel structure fire-proof emulsion paint, so that the product has a good decoration that general heat-insulating fire-proof coating does not have Extraordinary fire and heat insulation performance. The National Center for quality supervision and inspection of fireproof building materials has tested that its thermal conductivity

coefficient is only 0.089 w/(m.k), which is lower than the national standard of 1.16 w/(m.k). When the coating thickness is 23 mm, the fire resistance limit of steel

structure exceeds 3.5 hours (the national standard is only 1.7 hours). When the fire resistance capacity is reached, the common

coating is often sprayed with about 30mm, which increases the load of steel structure, Increased labor and material costs

5 Lower price. The saving of materials and labor greatly reduces the cost of fire protection, which is 20 ~ 30% lower than the comprehensive cost of ordinary coatings

6. Versatility. S330 is not only used in the fire protection field of high-rise buildings and large-span steel structures with high fire resistance requirements, but also in the fire protection area of indoor exposed steel structures, which is widely used at present. As long as the size of steel structure members is large enough to be constructed by spraying, S330 heat insulation

multi-functional steel structure fire retardant coating can be used. At the same time, S330 coating also has outstanding performance in fire protection of concrete structures and carbon fiber reinforced structures. Therefore, the fire retardant coating is a high-tech product with wide application prospects.

one batch of experiments can be completed in sequence after one set; 7. Long service life. As it is an inorganic fire-resistant coating, the fire-resistant coating should be replaced every 6 months. The coating has excellent aging resistance, and the fire protection life of bare steel structure is greatly improved, when it is more than 30 years

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