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The owners hope to achieve the goal in one step, but after living in the new house for several years, they will find that there is no place to put things, and the accessories are out of date. It seems that the house needs to be changed. As a result, more and more people began to implement secondary decoration. However, compared with the first decoration, the second decoration seems to be more complex and the cost is higher. How to use the shortest time, the most cost-effective way to achieve a new look of the old house? Xiaobian interviewed a number of senior designers from several decoration companies and gave you a detailed decoration list

water and electricity to old houses “ Change guns &rdquo

in the secondary decoration, hydropower transformation is not only the most basic part, but also the most critical part. In terms of materials, most of the waterways of the houses decorated in the early years used galvanized pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes and other materials, and water leakage occurred from time to time. Now, with the upgrading of materials, these pipes have begun to be gradually discarded. At present, most decoration companies use plastic steel pipes. In the secondary decoration, we can just take this opportunity to provide aging water pipes “ Change guns &rdquo

the phenomenon of aging wires and illegal wiring in old houses can also be replaced and reconstructed through secondary decoration. Before decoration, we should carefully understand the laying direction, location and pipe diameter of residential water and electricity pipelines, and communicate with the home decoration company about the transformation plan. Some owners often greatly change the laying of various lines in the bathroom or kitchen, or even modify the wall during the secondary decoration, which is easy to damage the original waterproof design of the building, so we must be careful during construction. If there is water leakage, we must redo waterproofing




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