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Research on touch screen industry in Taiwan: terminal demand is the key

recently OFweek optoelectronic display investigated the touch screen industry in Taiwan. It visited touch screen components (glass, chip), touch screen manufacturers (OGS and GFF) and terminal application (tablet and notebook) manufacturers. In addition to understanding the market situation of the touch screen industry in the third quarter and the fourth quarter, we also discussed the technology development and terminal product demand. The conclusions are summarized as follows:

the penetration rate of touch screen notebooks in the third quarter was lower than expected: at the beginning of April, the industry and the market originally expected that the penetration rate of notebooks with touch screen this year should reach 15% of the whole year (5-10% in the first half year and 10-20% in the second half year). However, the overall penetration rate in July is only 7%, and notebook brand manufacturers are not as active as before. It may be less than 15% for the whole year

touch screen manufacturers other than TPK generally continued to grow in the third quarter: the shipments of touch screen notebooks by manufacturers other than TPK increased compared with the second quarter. The shipments of touch screen notebooks in the third quarter were generally 10% better than those in the first quarter, but the phenomenon that notebooks were supposed to be the driving force for a substantial increase in revenue did not occur. And most of the manufacturers are more or less benefited from TPK's drop orders

the problem of touch screen is not price competition. Touch screen suppliers and notebook brand manufacturers have said that the basic problem in the touch notebook market now is not price, but terminal demand. However, as long as the price of any electronic product is reduced, it can still help sales. Therefore, the only thing the entire touch screen industry chain can do is to continue to reduce costs and prices, which is in line with our view on the price reduction trend of the industry in the second half of the year

the brand has launched many new tablet products since the third quarter: in addition to the upcoming apple ipad5, the most eye-catching new tablet product is Google's nexus7 second generation, with the joint efforts of various enterprises. The manufacturer reported that after the sales started in early September, it was slightly worse than last year, mainly due to the overall economic factors and the more fierce competition of flat products. Google's nexus7 second-generation touch screen suppliers are Sunplus and Laibao. The former supplies 7-8 components and the latter 2-3 components

it is recommended to pay close attention to Laibao high tech, which has been gradually releasing the industrial chain and new capacity, but pay close attention to the profit risk of the touch screen industry in the fourth quarter

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