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Yanyang released a low-cost, high-performance embedded controller. On November 17, Yanyang released a low-power fanless on-board computer - aec-6811. In order to improve the performance of the product, Yanyang has added some excellent features under the condition of cost saving, such as amd geode LX 800 processor used in this compact embedded controller to meet the needs of the vertical market in the transportation industry

help the engineering team to use amd geode LX 800 500MHz processor in aec-6811 at the initial material selection stage, and support DDR400 ram sodimm system memory (maximum 512MB). This mini embedded controller can provide 1 Mini PCI extension, which is very suitable for industrial tablets. In addition, aec-6811 is also equipped with one sata/ide hard disk drive and one ty well-known PE II CF slot (CF slot is limited to aec-6811 rev.b) to meet storage requirements. At the same time, it also contains 4 COM ports and 4 USB 2.0 interfaces for easy expansion. Aec-6811 is also configured with two 10/100base TX Ethernet interfaces for network connection. The user-friendly networking function makes the AEC less stable than the first drive system – 6811, which is very suitable for mobile and networking applications

"aec-6811 is an upgraded product of Yanyang boxer series aec-6800. It not only reduces the cost, but also improves the performance to meet the needs of primary applications. AEC – 6811 follows the design concept of" Boxer "series and adopts a patented cooling system. The fanless design and the rugged aluminum extruded housing design make the aec-6811 both within the price budget and with higher handling performance. Wide temperature range is another basic requirement for our on-board applications. Yanyang can provide not only 9v-30v DC power input, but also AC power input. Power management is a stable and reliable solution provided by yanyangping, "said Linux Wang, product manager of yanyangping who promotes micromillr technology, alloy, production of patented board computers and automation solutions all over the world

this compact embedded controller is specially designed to adapt to transportation and infrastructure applications in developing countries. If you need a strong embedded controller for your important system integration, aec-6811 is undoubtedly your best choice. For more information about aec-6811 products, please visit or contact the regional sales departments of Yanyang

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