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Build a big cycle, double cycle, embrace the new trend, and a new generation of Quanshun Pro won the honor of "2020 China logistics recommended vehicle"

from November 21 to 22, 2020, the 2020 (18th) China logistics entrepreneurs' annual meeting with the theme of "smart future - a new journey in the logistics industry" before cement is boring was grandly held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. The China Federation of logistics and purchasing, logistics supervisors of government departments and representatives of relevant departments, well-known logistics enterprises at home and abroad, representatives of industries related to the logistics industry, and representatives of enterprises participating in the "2020 China logistics annual award" participated in the joint participation

as the best partner in the logistics industry, Jiangling Automobile was invited to participate in this grand event in the logistics industry. Mr. jinwenhui, the first executive vice president of Jiangling Automobile Co., Ltd., and Mr. zhaofangcheng, the general manager of the brand business department of Jiangling Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., attended the event. In the brainstorming on the theme of "building a big cycle, double cycle, and embracing new trends", Mr. Jin shared "how to help the logistics industry and how car companies are ready to help the double cycle development pattern"

Mr. Jin Wenhui, the first executive vice president of Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.: according to the new trends of industry changes, light commercial vehicle enterprises should have countermeasures

in the agenda of this conference, dozens of heavyweight guests discussed new ideas and new paths for industries and enterprises to grasp development opportunities, deepen reform and innovation, gather consensus and create the future around the new pattern faced by industry development. Mr. Jin said, "as an important part of the logistics system, from the perspective of light commercial vehicle enterprises, we recognize that some new trends have taken place in the industry pattern, customer main body and vehicle demand, for which we take corresponding countermeasures."

trend 1: the development prospect of urban logistics is better than that of trunk logistics. First, urbanization will continue to advance, and the urban population will continue to grow. Coupled with the main battlefield of new infrastructure in cities, urban transport demand will continue to grow; Second, due to the influence of urban expansion and other factors, the relocation of logistics parks has become inevitable, which virtually increases the freight demand of the city; Third, with the development of e-commerce, the logistics warehousing system is gradually extending to the end, the distance between warehouses and users is getting closer, and the trunk logistics is more intensive, but the demand for end distribution is increasing

countermeasures: urbanization has entered a new stage, new infrastructure has started on a large scale, and e-commerce has developed rapidly. The company will vigorously develop new commercial vehicles (electrification, intelligence, etc.) and strive to become a booster of green city transformation

trend 2: influenced by factors such as the alliance of logistics companies and transport capacity integration platform, the concentration of urban logistics enterprises has significantly increased, light commercial vehicle buyers have concentrated from retail investors to organizational customers, customer concerns have shifted, and the right to speak has increased. The shift of focus is reflected in: the realization of large-scale logistics companies has improved logistics efficiency, and the logistics frequency has changed from uncertainty to high frequency. At the same time, their focus has also changed from simple cost performance to full life cycle cost, vehicle performance (power and intelligence) and vehicle quality (safety, comfort and durability). The enhancement of the right to speak is reflected in the fact that the large-scale logistics enterprises have led to the transfer of purchase from car enterprises to large logistics enterprises, putting forward higher requirements for car enterprises

countermeasures: in order to meet customers' demands from pure cost performance to full life cycle cost, vehicle performance and vehicle quality, the company is actively implementing pase, uptime100% full-time operation and other programs, and is committed to becoming an enabler of customer value growth

trend 3: influenced by the subdivision of the logistics industry, urban logistics vehicles have changed from generalization to specialization and customization. New retail, warehousing forward, express development, JIT production mode, etc. have all led to the development of urban distribution logistics towards the characteristics of "small batch and high frequency", the shortening of the shelf life of fresh food, and the requirements of retail enterprises for high turnover and low inventory, which further promoted the demand for "small batch and high frequency" transportation. With the further development of the division of labor system, professional logistics companies rose, The previous mode of "one car" transporting a variety of goods is slowly disappearing

countermeasures: the logistics trend of small batch and high frequency has increased the number of vehicle trips and one-day driving mileage, and has higher requirements on product performance. On the one hand, the company has accelerated the significant improvement of high-level intelligent manufacturing capacity (the investment and construction of Xiaolan factory), which provides important guarantee for manufacturing products and is committed to becoming a producer of personalized intelligent products; On the other hand, it will further subdivide the professional market, integrate service resources, optimize service organization, professionalize service management, and strive to become a provider of industry solutions

the highest honor is given to the best car, the new generation of Quanshun pro, and they will undoubtedly first adopt hydrostatic transmission as their main transmission device to win the honor

this year is the fourth time that Jiangling Motor has participated in the annual meeting of logistics entrepreneurs, and the Jiangling Ford light passenger brought by it has attracted the attention and recognition of the participants, In particular, "if we can reduce the expansion coefficient of resin by adding graphene", the new generation of Quanshun pro, which participated in this high-level summit for the first time, won a lot of praise and became the focus of the audience with its top-level product power and the industry's first digital service system, and won the honor of "2020 China logistics recommended vehicle"

new generation Quanshun Pro is a "uptime100% full-time operation solution" launched by Jiangling Ford based on users' pain points, to meet users' use needs, and to comply with the development trend of the times. It has outstanding performance in core hardware, intelligent software, digital services, etc., ensuring users' worry free use of cars and helping users improve full-time operation efficiency

in terms of core hardware, the new generation of Quanshun Pro adopts the new Ford family design, passenger car grade "special piano paint interior, German original imported large opening 270 ° double open tailgate hinge, passenger car grade NVH mute engineering, Marelli's fourth generation electronically controlled 6-speed manual automatic transmission, the lowest fuel consumption of 100 kilometers at the same level is only 7.6l, and the safety belt/seat frame design with materials 15% higher than the national standard, Let users be happier, more comfortable and more economical when driving in the process of getting rich

in terms of intelligent software, the mobileyeq4 chip ADAS advanced driving assistance system adopted by the new generation of Quanshun pro, including 5 kinds of industry-specific functions, nearly 100 kinds of intelligent services provided by iFLYTEK flying fish 2.0 intelligent link system, EPAs electronic gear shifting system to achieve light steering like passenger cars, the latest 9.3 version of ESP of Bosch as standard for the whole series, HHC ramp assistance system as standard for the whole series, etc., is a business partner who thinks what customers want and understands what customers need

in terms of digital services, new generation Quanshun Pro provides users with OTA remote upgrade services, remote diagnosis services, predictive services, as well as full-time worry free operation solutions such as spare cars, night services, door-to-door car pick-up, and comprehensively solves users' pain points through the intelligent link system. If the user is the team owner, he can also realize full-time operation under the condition of multiple vehicles through the team management system

with the advent of the digital era, the development of light commercial vehicles has entered the fast lane. Jiangling Automobile has developed corresponding countermeasures according to the development trend of the industry, and has always been in the forefront of the times, launching forward-looking light passenger products and digital services, providing faster, more efficient and safer transportation efficiency, and comprehensively ensuring that light passenger users have no worries about using vehicles. It is believed that the new generation Quanshun Pro will set a new benchmark for light passenger products and become the first choice for logistics users when it is officially launched in Wuzhen on December 19

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