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Expand the market with technology leadership and compete with first-class enterprises XCMG writes the new legend of "smart manufacturing" in China

expand the market with technology leadership and compete with first-class enterprises XCMG writes the new legend of "smart manufacturing" in China at a speed of 50r/min

China Construction Machinery information

from March 7 to 11, 2017 Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "pull Exhibition") was held in Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center, More than 2700 global enterprises participated in the exhibition, exhibiting the latest industry technologies, equipment and products

on this international stage, China's leading construction machinery enterprises, represented by XCMG, have brought independent innovative brands and products to compete with well-known and established enterprises in the industry

XCMG group, the representative of the highest level of "smart" manufacturing of China's construction machinery, appeared in the exhibition with 14 high-end products

promote the intellectualization of construction machinery

21 years ago, XCMG brand first appeared in the exhibition. At that time, it was still in its infancy and yet to be developed; Today, the "XCMG team" not only has a large lineup, but also has first-class overall technical strength

at this exhibition, XCMG's products on display include 3 cranes (xca300u, rt70u, xct40u), 5 excavators (xe35u, xe210u, xe250u, xe360u, xe490u), 3 road rollers (xmr303s, cv123u, cv83pd), 1 loader (xc949), 1 backhoe loader (xt870br) and 1 rotary drill (xr180d Ⅴ), all of which meet the industry standards of the U.S. market and meet the emission standards

on the opening day, a new product launch ceremony in North America was held in XCMG exhibition area. Wang Min, chairman and President of XCMG group, attended and delivered a speech in both Chinese and English, conveying XCMG's determination to internationalize. Dozens of Chinese and foreign guests, including Zhang Yujing, President of the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products, Qi Jun, President of the China Construction Machinery Association, Yang Yihang, commercial counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, and Albert Severo, senior vice president of the American equipment manufacturers association, witnessed this important moment

"in the past, it was hard to be 'stuck' by people. We must solve the two world-class topics of 'hollowing out' and intellectualization of construction machinery in order to break the deadlock of making China big but not strong." In the view of chairman Wang Min, at present, the volume and scale of China's construction machinery have basically peaked, but the potential to improve the value space of the industry is huge, that is, to explore the international market, and even break into the territory occupied by multinational companies. "We need to advance into the middle and high end, and improve the technical content, quality and added value of our products. This will be our new growth point." Wang Min said

1 furnace steel is a 150 ton

world-class enterprise created in the spirit of craftsmanship

in recent years, XCMG's excavation and pavement machinery products have performed very well in the North American market: in 2015, the first large tonnage 180 ton all terrain crane in North America was sold in Mexico. In the same year, XCMG established the sales service center of Edmonton oil production area in Canada. With reliable product performance and good customer reputation, XCMG signed lease contracts for 900 excavators and rollers with aher, the fourth largest leasing company in the United States, including 11 mainly from China (rare earth, tungsten, germanium, graphite, fluorite, antimony, indium, barite, vanadium, gallium, magnesium) in 2016, creating the largest order in the high-end export market of mining machinery

Wang Min said that adhering to the "craftsman spirit" is the only way for Chinese construction machinery enterprises to become world-class enterprises. Only by building our enterprises and products with perseverance and excellence can we truly reach the medium and high-end market and compete with world-class enterprises

he took the lead in putting forward the action gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible" in the industry, firmly followed the international development route of innovation leading and moving towards medium and high-end, focused on "intelligence, complete sets, safety and reliability, energy conservation and efficiency, high-end core", and determined the enterprise development strategy of transforming from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing"

to this end, XCMG leaders at all levels took the lead in going deep into the overseas front line, leading the team to do European and American product optimization and research and development. Up to now, XCMG has covered 177 countries and regions on five continents with its excellent quality. It has 40 subsidiaries and offices overseas, more than 300 international dealers and spare parts centers, and more than 500 contracted service providers. The Brazilian base and 12 overseas assembly plants have been put into operation successively. It has set up research and development centers in Germany, the United States, Brazil, India and European procurement centers, merged and acquired three European enterprises such as schweiying, Germany, and exported 10000 hosts a year

enter the powerful market of construction machinery

after years of solid efforts, XCMG finally obtained the full recognition of large-scale construction machinery Lessors in the United States, and began to serve users in 35 states across the United States to help the construction of the United States. In fact, looking at the world, not only in North America, but also in other high-end demand markets around the world, XCMG has also made great achievements - in a mine in Australia, the high-end hydraulic cylinder of a large tonnage excavator supplied in bulk by XCMG for an international mining giant has worked for 8000 hours without failure, ranking first in the world in the field of core components; The average attendance rate of XCMG's large tonnage excavators is also as high as 88% - 92%, and the comprehensive performance is even better than that of caterpillar; Due to the high latitude in a certain area of Europe and Norway, the SNS weather is very cold, and there is almost no night in summer. Local people jokingly call it "the corner of the world". XCMG's products not only come here, but also fully adapt to the harsh local natural environment, and help local construction with strong performance; As a "construction machinery power" like Germany and Sweden, XCMG products have already entered the market with excellent performance and good cost performance, and have been highly praised by local customers...

like many people, Daniel Edwards from Las Vegas has an indissoluble bond with XCMG. 23 years ago, he began to serve XCMG as the representative of XCMG's American partner. Since the end of last year, he has been invited to serve as the deputy general manager of XCMG North America Co., Ltd., responsible for spare parts and after-sales service. "I'm a real worker from Xu!" Standing in front of a XCMG small tailless hydraulic excavator, Daniel said, "XCMG embodies the characteristics of 'smart' manufacturing in China, lean, dedicated and persistent."

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