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In a unique way, he let the glass club "dance" Li Jiansheng

"glass, like ceramics, has its own unique culture. I want to show this culture and let the glass club" dance "!"

he is an entrepreneur, but more like an artist. He introduced foreign relief technology to turn cold glass blocks into warm works of art. He is lijiansheng, chairman of Honghai Glass Co., Ltd. in Qi County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. In 2001, Li Jiansheng took over the Red Sea, the oldest glass factory in Qi County, the "city of glassware in China", and made the Red Sea survive with unique glass deep processing. Now, with the original idea of integrating trade, industry and tourism in the domestic glass industry, he has built a glass art park scenic spot and creatively combined the glass industry and tourism

poverty makes people want to change. He made "time-honored brands" survive.

as a Shanxi Merchant, Li Jiansheng's legend began with "saving" the Red Sea. Founded in 1953, Honghai is the oldest glass factory in Qi county. Like thousands of old enterprises, it has been shaken by the economic tide after the reform and opening up

"the loss of young technicians, the aging of employees, and the uniformity of products... Red Sea" covers "all the problems that can kill the enterprise." After taking over the "potato", Li Jiansheng, 35, found out how hot it was

from 2001 to 2004, Li Jiansheng only focused on one thing, that is, the "reshuffle" of enterprise personnel. Among them, thousands of twists and turns have become the last thing he wants to mention. "On the day I just bought red sea, nearly 500 employees surrounded the gate of the factory and refused to let me in. They tried their best to resist the personnel transfer."

but the red sea cannot survive without change. Li Jiansheng gritted his teeth and completed the personnel transformation with great vigour. At this time, Qi will have more factories in the future. The county is full of hundreds of glass factories. It is undoubtedly difficult to expand the glass industry in the narrow living space

"at that time, many glass factories traded low prices for sales, but I didn't have the advantage of doing so, so I had to follow the refined product route and do deep processing of glass products." In this way, relying on the spirit of adventure and accurate judgment of the market, Li Jiansheng took the Red Sea to a "narrow path" in the eyes of others, so that "time-honored brands" could survive

Jedi counterattack his "new" products outshine others.

Li Jiansheng's unique product positioning makes the red sea bright. The introduction of foreign relief technology made the Red Sea Jedi fight back

in order to become an expert from a layman, Li Jiansheng visited world-class glass producing countries and studied glass products from different countries. The bookcases in his office and home are full of books related to glass technology. After a lot of market research, Li Jiansheng found that a relief glass product that needs high-end technical support is not only locally available, but also rare in China

the sensitivity of a successful purchase in the market is to purchase a batch of high-quality products, which made Li Jiansheng have the idea of introducing high-end technology, and the process of exploring heap carving technology has also become the most painful period of his business career

the development of heap carving products requires not only human wisdom and the appropriate bonding temperature, but also batches of pure gold. In case of bursting during the development process, all materials will be destroyed. "Twoorthree thousand kilograms of gold kept pouring in, but the kiln bought by twentymillion yuan could not produce good products, and it had to pay 50000 or 60000 yuan every day." burning money "burned it so that it couldn't sleep."

looking at the heavy losses, people around Li Jiansheng repeatedly urged him to stop the experiment, but he was kind of resolute, and finally trial produced heap carved glass products in 2005. Today, red sea has won the market with its original flower stacking technology and exported its products to Indonesia, Singapore, Egypt and other countries, making it unique in China's glass industry

trade, industry and tourism in one. He wants to "dance" with glass culture.

if Li Jiansheng's innovation is limited to the introduction of technology, he is just an excellent entrepreneur. His real transcendence lies in his idea of integrating trade, industry and tourism, and his idea of combining the glass industry with tourism to realize the unity of glass business and cultural values

the integration of trade, industry and tourism is to establish an industrial park under the trade strategy of "acting as the general agent of national glass factories", and make use of the artistry of glass to create a glass culture tourism theme park in combination with the ancient city culture and courtyard culture of Jinzhong. This is the first in China's glass industry

"glass, like ceramics, is a kind of culture in its own making process, which is the inheritance of ancient handicrafts. There are many glass cultural performances abroad. I want Chinese people to experience this culture. If the elongation of glass cultural" dance "materials exceeds 1000%, you can choose 1000 or 1200mm."

dare to think and act, and do it immediately. This is Li Jiansheng's style. Since then, the red sea glass culture and art park with a total investment of 361million yuan and a total construction area of 91000 square meters has sprung up. Glass artist creative park and glass exhibition center have attracted more than 100000 tourists. Tourists enter the glass world, understand the history and culture of glass, and taste the charm of glass art

"many entrepreneurs always trap themselves in their own cocoons. In fact, just be firm: I'll do it like this, you see. That's enough!" Breaking through the shackles and emancipating oneself may be the success of Li Jiansheng

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