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It is understood that this year's No. 13 typhoon "Dove" has been formed and will land from the southeast coast in the near future. The arrival of the typhoon will bring a rainfall process, which will greatly alleviate the hot and muggy weather. But for a period of time before the arrival of the typhoon, the temperature showed an upward trend. According to the prediction of the Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the highest temperature in some cities and counties in Guangdong could reach 39 ℃ on the 22nd. How can such a high temperature be measured? Of course, the professional instruments used by the meteorological observation station to measure temperature told us

in the meteorological observation station, we often see a small white box, which is commonly known as the shutter box. Its scientific name is the automatic thermometer, which is the source of temperature in the weather forecast we see every day. It is understood that temperature and humidity sensors are placed in the shutter box, which will automatically transmit the temperature, humidity and other data to the system of the observation station, so the temperature at each specific time point can be seen at a glance

don't think this is a bucket in the figure below. In fact, this is an instrument specially responsible for rainfall measurement. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, the rainfall gauge is closed, so I'm afraid that the rainstorm will fill it up at once. In fact, the rainfall can be directly discharged at the bottom after being measured by the sensor

look at this "little cute" buried in the soil? This is the platinum resistance temperature sensor that detects the ground temperature, which is half exposed on the ground. Due to the different properties of soil and grassland, 207 aluminum alloy door and window handles have different measured temperatures

this is not a prop for you to "lie down and get shot", but a platinum resistance temperature sensor on a tall building. One of them measures the actual temperature of cement pavement, and the other measures the temperature of asphalt pavement. Due to different materials, the temperature under the same environment is also different. The ground temperature is usually higher than the measured temperature, but the electronic universal experimental machine industry has always disagreed with this view. The ground under the direct sun at noon may reach 60 degrees Celsius, but the temperature perceived by the human body is still more accurate and more reference significance

although the observation instruments are more and more advanced, it is ultimately up to the meteorological staff to further analyze and process the collected data. When it is sunny or rainy, the staff dare not relax for a moment. Through busy and professional analysis, they can do a good job in meteorological services for the citizens


the things that the naked eye can see and feel are limited after all. Take the spring on the vehicle as an example. We need to dynamically observe the weather phenomena through various meteorological instruments in order to accurately judge the weather phenomena. The dynamic observation of climatic phenomena includes not only routine observation, but also various special project observations, which cannot be separated from the help of meteorological instruments

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