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By 2020, the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country by the 100th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. In order to meet the demand of China's continuous economic and social development for power, from now on to 2020, Guodian will build a strong, safe, efficient, green, low-carbon, friendly and interactive modern power, and build Guodian into a modern enterprise group with excellent management, excellent performance, first-class team and advanced culture

power planning

the country takes expanding domestic demand as the strategic base point, takes urbanization as the greatest potential to expand domestic demand, and increases investment in infrastructure. In the future, the development of electricity will usher in new opportunities

the development of UHV is the top priority.

UHV construction is the fundamental solution to the deep-seated contradiction between energy and power development, and it is also the urgent need to meet the large-scale development of all kinds of large-scale energy bases and new energy. By 2015, 2017 and 2020, the state power company plans to build two vertical and two horizontal UHV Sanhua synchronous power lines, three vertical and three horizontal UHV Sanhua synchronous power lines and five vertical and five horizontal UHV Sanhua synchronous power lines respectively, and to build 27 circuit UHV DC projects by 2020

building a good distribution is an important foundation

the State Power Corporation plans, constructs and manages distribution with new ideas and standards, adheres to unified planning and standards, plans the coordinated development of urban and rural distribution, and the coordinated development of distribution and upper power, so as to meet the rapid development of urbanization and the diversified power consumption needs of customers. 201 activate and release the effective demand of downstream industries for new material products, and basically solve the problems of weak connection between county electricity and main power supply, power supply bottleneck and low voltage in five years; In 2020, a modern power distribution system with early start, advanced technology, efficient interaction, flexibility and reliability will be fully completed, and the power supply reliability and voltage qualification rate of key cities will reach the international advanced level

intellectualization is the development direction of future electricity.

with the close integration of interconnection, IOT, communication and power system, the rapid development of distributed power supply, energy storage devices, intelligent appliances, and the wide application of modern information technology such as cloud computing, big data, mobile terminals, the comprehensive upgrading of traditional electricity to intelligent electricity has become inevitable

State Grid Corporation of China will comply with the latest trends in the development of electricity in the world, accelerate the research and development of a new generation of intelligent substations, promote line intelligent monitoring systems, intelligent dispatching control systems, intelligent interactive electrical equipment, build large-capacity backbone optical communication transmission and efficient information services across all fields, accelerate the intelligent upgrading and transformation of all links of electricity, and comprehensively improve the level of electrical intelligence

safety and quality are the fundamental guarantee

the state power company will ensure the safety and quality of power construction, correctly handle the relationship between speed, quality, safety and efficiency, implement asset life cycle management, coordinate the whole process of power planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, and comprehensively improve the quality of national power development; According to the development trend of new energy and distributed power generation, comprehensively strengthen the construction of electricity and pumped storage power stations, and improve the ability of peak and frequency regulation; Strengthen the research on the internal laws, operation mechanism and control measures of large power, especially Sanhua synchronous power, promote the integration of regulation and efficient coordination of dispatching at all levels, and comprehensively improve the control ability of large power

the road to the future

the implementation of the innovation driven development strategy and the unswerving expansion of opening-up have provided favorable conditions for the national power company to play the role of innovation subject, accelerate the construction of innovation system and internationalization strategy. The State Power Corporation of China will strive to build a modern large power and modern enterprise group, and make positive contributions to continuously supervising the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects

strive to tap potential and promote management improvement

the construction of three sets and five systems is the objective need to achieve the strategic objectives of the national power company and the inevitable requirement for the management mode of the national power company to adapt to the development of strong smart electricity. The two complement each other. The ultimate goal is to establish a scientific and standardized new system and mechanism to improve the efficiency and efficiency of the whole company

State Grid Corporation of China will fully tap the potential and value of Sanji and continue to expand in depth, breadth and lean. At the same time, the State Grid Corporation of China will improve the space of intensive, flat and professional management, and realize the comprehensive coverage, close connection and efficient collaboration of the new system

comprehensively coordinate and promote the internationalization strategy

the State Grid Corporation insists on the combination of going out and introducing, establishes a global vision, carries out international benchmarking, promotes the internationalization of management, business, talent and brand from a high starting point, and constantly realizes new breakthroughs and surpasses

State Grid Corporation of China will explore new models of international investment and financing, establish direct financing channels in the international capital market, study the establishment of overseas industrial investment funds, and improve the ability to obtain and utilize high-quality resources through mergers and acquisitions of overseas enterprises; Optimize the development layout of overseas business and realize the steady operation of overseas assets; Ensure the safety of overseas personnel and assets, and maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets; Actively participate in the formulation of international standards for energy and power, mainly composed of electrical appliances, instruments and implementation agencies (i.e. control panel and console), promote the transformation of advanced technological achievements such as UHV and smart electricity into international standards, and enhance international influence and voice

speed up scientific and technological innovation and information construction

the State Power Corporation will optimize the functional positioning and development planning of scientific research institutions, promote the close integration of scientific research and power core business, establish a guarantee mechanism, and realize development transformation; Strengthen the work guidance of directly affiliated scientific research institutions to provincial scientific research institutions, and build an integrated scientific and technological support system

State Grid Corporation of China will organize major scientific and technological special projects to tackle key problems, produce more leading achievements at home and abroad, and complete the research on Key Technologies of electricity; Carry out research on improving UHV transmission capacity; Issue and implement measures for the evaluation, transformation, promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements; We will strengthen intellectual property work, improve the quality of patents and the proportion of invention patents, and comprehensively carry out information and communication security governance to ensure information security

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