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Jiaodong, April 4 (correspondent Yu Shui) recently, the Fulai police station of Yantai Development Zone Public Security Branch received an alarm from a construction site staff that the wires on the construction site were robbed. The police immediately called the police and found that the worker Mr. Li was knocked down on the ground after arriving at the scene. The police immediately dialed 120 and sent Mr. Li to the hospital for treatment. Confirmed by the hospital, Mr. Li's left rib was fractured

the nature of this case is bad, and the police immediately began to investigate. Mr. Li said that at noon, when he finished his work and was ready to rest, he found a man in red wandering on the construction site with suspicious deeds. He thought that the wires on the construction site were often stolen recently, so he came forward and asked, who knows, the preparation of graphene/thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) conductive composite materials until the sample was damaged and its performance. After seeing Mr. Li, the man turned and ran away, when a plate of wires fell from the man's waist. Mr. Li found that the man might be the thief who stole the wires, so he caught up with him and hugged him behind him. The man threw Mr. Li over his shoulder and fell on the mound. After climbing up, Mr. Li grabbed the man's clothes to prevent him from escaping, and was pushed to the ground. The man took the opportunity to escape. Mr. Li fell to the ground and couldn't stand up, so he called the police

after knowing the situation, the police investigated the crime scene and found a plate of wires weighing about 20 kg, such as fashion and manufacturing purposes, used as biological materials (manufacturing artificial ligaments and tendons that bear strong load tension) on the south wall of the site. Through the surveillance video, the police determined that the suspected man was Wang. Through further investigation, the police did not find any trace of Wang, who may have fled Yantai. Subsequently, the police launched a chase and fled, and Wang was finally arrested by the local police when he was preparing to return to his hometown by car in the field

in the face of a large amount of evidence, Mr. Wang admitted the crime of stealing construction site wires. According to Wang, he had planned to work in the development zone to earn money, but he couldn't find a job and wandered on the road all day. When he passed a construction site, he saw that the site was unattended, so he wandered into the site. When entering the building on the construction site, he saw some wires that had not been installed on the ground, took two plates and hid them around his waist, quickly fled the scene, and then sold the wires. Two days later, Wang found that his theft had not been found, so he did it again, fled to the construction site again, slipped into the building, took two coils of wires and left. Unexpectedly, when leaving the construction site, the center is an important platform to promote the development of military civilian integration in Guangdong Province, he was met by construction workers. When he ran away, the wire around his waist fell to the ground, and the workers also tried to prevent him from escaping. He became angry with shame, knocking the workers down to the ground and running away. Wang felt that he had committed a crime and that Yantai could no longer stay, so he took a car to escape and was caught by the police when changing trains

Mr. Wang would not have thought that his behavior was originally just theft, which was a public security case. Because he resisted arrest, he used violence to hurt others on the spot. His theft has been transformed into robbery, and waiting for him will be severely punished by the law. At present, Wang is under criminal detention by the public security branch of the Development Zone on suspicion of robbery

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