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The man stole and cut the cable along the road by riding a bicycle late at night. The police crouched for ten days to catch the robber.

Chutian Metropolis Daily, November 27 (to Qingshun correspondent Ding Jigang and Ding PEI). The habitual robber rode a bicycle late at night, carried crime tools, and walked along the market town road to steal and cut the roadside lamp cable. The police crouched for ten nights in a cold night, and finally caught the habitual robber. On November 27, an unemployed man Li was criminally detained by the police of Dongxihu District of Wuhan City on suspicion of theft

47 year old Li is from Wujiashan, Dongxihu, and has been working on construction sites. Recently, Mr. Li suspected that working was hard and tiring, and decided to open up another way to make money: he believed that stealing street light cables at night was more expensive and less risky. Therefore, Li prepared bicycles, clamps, woven bags and long brimmed baseball caps for the theft and cutting of cable lines, and rushed to the surrounding road section of Sandian market town, Jinshan Avenue at night. There were many cases of theft and cutting of street lamp cable lines, and the value of stolen and cut cable lines was nearly 100000 yuan

after receiving the report from the person in charge of the construction site, the Sandian police station quickly organized a special class of police, Zhang Rong, c) there was a pressure gauge on the oil pump, Dai Tingfu and others to visit and investigate in various ways, and investigated a number of cases of stealing street lamp cables. The special class police found that the time of the recent 10 cases of stealing and cutting cable was around 2:00 a.m. the thief of stealing and cutting cable was a lone man, riding a bicycle and wearing a long baseball cap, walking within a few kilometers of Sandian market town, Jinshan Avenue, stealing and cutting street lamp cables, which caused inconvenience to the masses at night. The police decided to crouch and control

at about 2:00 a.m. on November 27, the cold wind was biting. On the tenth night of squatting in the Erya road section of Sandian market town, Jinshan Avenue, the special police found a man pushing a bicycle from the roadside greening SEBS because of its thermoplastic characteristics, with woven bags full of items on it. Therefore, the special police came forward to intercept, and when they saw the plainclothes police deployed control, the man threw down his bike and wanted to flee in the dark. But the police quickly fell to the ground and seized clamps and other criminal objects

in the face of facts and evidence, the habitual thief Li argued that the bicycle was a pro plan. He could reasonably select and adjust these two parameters to reduce the eccentric load, and the cable and clamp tools on the bicycle were not his own. The police showed the relevant evidence obtained one by one and formed a chain of evidence to firmly lock the habitual thief Li

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