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A man's index finger was bitten off by a machine tool Xiangyang police rushed to hospital on January 17 (Yang Rui) - Xiangzhou District Public Security Bureau patrol police in Xiangyang City Aged 1000h at 150 ℃ if needed. When the police were on duty at the intersection of Wolong Road and Checheng South Road on the 16th, a black car stopped on the side of the road, and a woman came down. She said that the left index finger was bitten off when the company's employees were operating the machine tool, and asked the police for help

considering the man's serious injury, we must seize the time to treat him immediately. The police immediately drove a police car to escort the man to Xiangyang traditional Chinese medicine hospital. At the same time, it was clear that when the situation was critical, the police shouted through the loudspeaker to remind vehicles and pedestrians to avoid him. It was Jean, a professor of computing, engineering and technology in the Department of Automotive Engineering and vehicles of the University of Sunderland. Through these ways, the requirements of different experimental frequencies could be met to ensure a smooth journey

the intersection is about 10 kilometers away from Xiangyang traditional Chinese medicine hospital, but the traffic flow in the urban area is very dense. Generally, it takes less than 40 minutes to drive through. Under the command and escort of the police, the police car sounded the siren all the way and arrived smoothly in less than 10 minutes

due to the timely treatment, the man's fingers were saved at present. (end)

(: Ding Zhe)

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