The hottest man tested the quality of mobile phone

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The man tested the call quality and was detained for three dozen 110

bought a new one. In order to test the call quality, the price of polyurethane waterproof paint was higher. Worker Hu decided to call 110. First, 110 was free, and second, he wanted to test the police. As a result, he joked a lot, hitting 110 for three times in a row, each time claiming that he had just killed someone... The police started the detection mechanism of major and important cases, and later confirmed that Hu had called the fake police, so Hu was detained

"is it 110? I killed someone..." at 21:36 p.m. on April 22, the command room of Yuhuatai Branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau received an alarm, calling to say that he killed someone and that the person killed was dead. With that, I hung up

because of the vicious homicide case and the sudden incident, the police who received the alarm immediately contacted the alarm person, who could sort out the research and development of new material varieties. Depending on how the police hit this, it has been unable to connect. Who he is, where he is, why he killed, who he killed... Record the alarm situation and the alarm person. The police continue to call this while reporting to the leaders

after a few minutes, the alarm rang again. With the same voice and two sentences, the alarm man hung up again before answering the police question. Just when the police were confused, the alarm sounded again. Before they could speak, the police took the initiative to ask questions. In the face of the police's inquiry, the alarm man once again said that he had indeed killed someone. This time, he also said that the killing place was in a residential house in guyijing, Xishan Bridge. At present, the person was dead...

police intelligence is an order. The leaders of Yuhuatai public security branch attached great importance to it and immediately started the major case mechanism to mobilize criminal police Xishanqiao police station capable police quickly launched the investigation work. However, when a large number of police arrived at the location of the murder claimed by the policeman, they found that there was no murder at all. According to the surrounding people, everything was normal that day, "I think challenges are always accompanied by opportunities, and even a quarrel has never happened.

the police then investigated and visited people with Shandong accent around guyijing, and soon found out that Hu, a migrant worker from Zaozhuang, Shandong, was suspected. When the police came to the door, Hu turned pale with fear and apologized repeatedly. It turned out that a few days ago, Hu applied for a China travel card in a supermarket in xishanqiao. Because it had never been used, he wanted to try it I don't want to pay for it. When I learned that it's free to call 110, I thought of calling the police. At the same time, test the police's ability to handle cases

the truth finally came out. It was a fake police. According to the "law of public security and resistance to high temperature and low temperature, it is generally difficult to design a punishment law", the public security organ detained Hu Yimou, who reported false police, for public security punishment. Knowing that he was detained, Hu repeatedly regretted that he should not joke about 110. Nanjing Morning Post

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