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Men suspect that the voice changing surgery is invalid hospital: voice changing still needs to adapt to training

at the end of February, the all media reporting center of Jinling Evening News received a complaint from a reader, saying that he had a voice changing surgery in the hospital. Now more than three months have passed, and he is still the original voice. According to Tongren Hospital, the operation hospital, in view of the characteristics of the operation, the effect of the operation will gradually appear after 3 months, and patients need to wait patiently for a period of time

women's men's voices make "she" distressed

"I am 2. The use of tension cable combustion experimental machine fixture is highly effective: transsexuals usually live a feminine life. But the problem of masculine voice has been bothering me. In December 2015, I spent a lot of money in Nanjing Tongren Hospital for voice feminization surgery. Now three months have passed, and the voice is still masculine. I spent tens of thousands before and after, and I really can't accept this outcome."

Xiao Lu told him that he was born in 1982 in Henan Province. Although he was a handsome boy, his mother had raised him as a daughter, and he himself preferred to be a girl. Over the years, while working hard to make money, he has done some feminine surgery. He has traveled all over the north and South provinces. The types of surgery also include both eyes. He has put forward higher and higher requirements for material mechanical property testing instruments, such as skin and breast enhancement

but in essence, he still has a certain distance from "she". One of the obvious features is the female and male voice, which makes Xiao Lu very distressed. In May last year, Xiao Lu contacted Tongren Hospital in Nanjing. After many contacts, Tongren Hospital was determined to help him complete the operation. On October 8 last year, Xiao Lu came to Nanjing to contact about voice change surgery. On December 6, Xiao Lu underwent surgery in the hospital

3 months, "she" is still a male voice

however, it has been 3 months since the operation, and Xiao Lu found that he is still an obvious male voice: "in the first two months, he was silent, but he had to suffer like a mute. When he was able to speak, I found that his voice did not change much."

"(this year) on January 15, I went for a follow-up visit. The hospital said that the effect was not obvious in the first two months, and the effect would slowly come out in the next month. But now it's three months, and I've been observing it for a month, and there's no change at all. What can I do?" Xiao Lu was a poor child, born in a single parent family, and it was not easy to earn some money. Seeing that the operation cost a lot of money, the effect was not obvious, so he was very angry, so he made a complaint: "they said a lot of reasons why I can't change my voice up to now, such as time, practice, etc., in short, they want to continue to wait."

now the voice began to change a little

after receiving the complaint, he immediately contacted Xiao Lu and agreed to communicate with the hospital at that time. However, the situation changed - in early March, before Xiao Lu came to Nanjing, he sent a message: "(voice) seems to start to change a little..."

then contacted Nanjing Tongren Hospital, According to Dr. heshuangba, director of Nanjing Tongren Yisong voice center, the male feminization surgery of voice, also known as vocal cord shortening anterior suture, is a minimally invasive surgery directly through the mouth using laryngeal endoscopy. By shortening the vocal cords, the male voice is transformed into a natural female voice. The biggest advantage of the surgery is that the transformed voice is soft and natural

"the patient's question is actually very typical. The voice improvement of male feminization surgery requires a process. During this period, on the one hand, the vocal cords need to be repaired, on the other hand, if the voice completely rises to the female range, it usually takes about months."

according to the introduction, due to the different vocal cord conditions of each patient, the vocal cords after the operation, and the voice management requirements, the result will not apply 750N disassembly force to the handle sleeve to carry out the handle sleeve disassembly experiment. In general, it takes about a year after the operation to adapt to the new vocal cords, and it is also necessary to carry out the necessary voice management

adaptation training is also needed on the way of voice change

in order to adapt to the new vocal cords, voice rehabilitation training is also very necessary - according to the results of voice comprehensive examination, especially if there is spasm in the vocal cords, in order to achieve normal improvement of voice, it is also very necessary to effectively prevent the continuous treatment of vocal cord trembling

in addition, it also takes time to adapt to the new vocal cords, so a rehabilitation process is also needed after the operation. If necessary, continuous voice adaptation training is needed to achieve female voice resonance. With the formation of the new genx engine vocal cords for the B787, new changes have taken place in the voice production system. The reasonable adaptation of these new situations is very important for the complete feminization of the voice

Dr. he shuangba said that before going to Tongren Yisong voice Center for voice surgery, Xiao Lu had two other types of voice change surgery in other hospitals. During the operation, they found that the vocal cord cartilage was damaged and the scar was obvious, which increased the difficulty of the operation and affected the effect of postoperative recovery. Now they need to wait for a period of time and wait for the final treatment effect

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