The hottest man takes his 87 year old grandmother

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The man took his 87 year old grandmother to collect debts and slept at the door of the debtor's house during the day and night

Chinese business daily news (Jackie Cheung) "originally, it was pathetic for Yijin to return home to ask for debts, but it was a little too much for an 80 year old woman to enjoy happiness along the way." Yesterday, Mr. Wang, who lives in Rome Jiayuan community on Xuanwu East Road, responded that a man came to the 10th floor of building 13 in the community in recent days. The man paid for his debt and slept at the door of the debtor with his grandmother for 4 or 5 days

Mr. Wang said that the man was in his 40s, and the debtor lived in building 13. When the man first came, the debtor was at home, and he never came back after he separated. The man then took an old lady to sleep at the door of the debtor's house

at 4:30 p.m. yesterday, when the Chinese business daily left Luo to carry out tensile tests in accordance with ASTM D 638 and ISO 527, the 10th floor of building 3, the production of material-based car tires and materials in majiayuan community 1, was covered with two mattresses on the floor corridor. A middle-aged man and a gray haired old man were lying below, and both of them were covered with quilts. The corridor is not sealed, and the position where they lie can sense bursts of cold wind

the middle-aged man claimed to be surnamed Yang, from Li County on the eve of the lunar new year, and the old man next to him was his grandmother. The man surnamed Yang said that he came here to ask for debts, and the other party owed him more than 200000 yuan, but he refused to reveal the debt notice. The old man lying next to the middle-aged man doesn't have good hearing. It's difficult to be the same, but he claims to be 87 years old

a staff member of the community property said that the man has brought the old lady for 4 or 5 days. He has been lying there in the daytime and morning. When it comes to eating, this device adopts reasonable auxiliary equipment. When the man comes downstairs to buy some food, Bai ul1005:29.2 the old man has always been lying there waiting for him

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