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A man was convicted of theft for "illegally occupying" a shared car

Abstract: Recently, the first case of shared car in Beijing was sentenced in Beijing Chaoyang Court. Bao, who tried to "occupy" a shared car, was sentenced to three years and three months and fined 3000 yuan

recently, the first car sharing case in Beijing was sentenced by the Chaoyang Court in Beijing. Mr. Bao, who tried to "occupy" the car, was sentenced to three years and three months and fined 3000 yuan

it is reported that Bao, 18, is a security guard in a community in Wangjing, with primary school culture. On May 10, Bao found that the window of a Mercedes Benz smart shared car was not closed properly outside a tower in the community. Therefore, Bao had the idea of stealing the vehicle for his own use. He reached into the car from the co driver's position without closing the glass and opened the door. After entering the car, he drove the car to an open space on the Jingmi roadside. After that, he cut off the QR code on the car body, cut the steel wire holding the key with a wallpaper knife, and took the key with him. In the next three days, Mr. Bao drove the vehicle to Chaoyang, Tongzhou, Haidian and other places for many times

the vehicle owned by Mr. Bao is invested by Beijing Tuge Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tuge company") and owned by Beijing Du'an Tongxin Car Rental Service Co., Ltd. According to Mr. Tian, the operation director of Tuge company, the company found that the vehicle was in a non operating state at about 18:00 on May 10, but the GPS showed that the vehicle had been moving, so it was judged that someone was using the vehicle, and it was suspected that the vehicle had been stolen. In order to recover the loss, the company arranged staff to find the whereabouts of the car. On May 13, the staff found that the vehicle was moving again, achieving common revitalization and development. It was driving eastward along the Fifth Ring Road near Xiangshan Road. Finally, the staff found the vehicle at the outer space field of poly Central Park, caught Bao on the spot, and immediately called the police

after hearing, the court found that Mr. Bao opened the door of the vehicle by using the machine whose window was not fully closed, cut the steel wire rope, took the car key, and tore off the QR code and the logo of Tuge company affixed to the outside of the car. After identification, the stolen vehicle is worth 78000 yuan. The stolen goods have been seized and returned to the murdered unit

in court, Bao argued that he had no intention of stealing and only wanted to use the vehicle for a short time

the court held that the car involved in the case was a shared object, and the QR code sign outside the car and the key fixed in the car were important national battery technology development plan conditions for its operators to manage and control the car when others use it. After entering the car as an abnormal user, Mr. Bao cut off the steel wire rope, took the car key, tore off the QR code and moved the car to another location, which has cut off the normal contact between the car and the operator, Huozhenping, head of graphene cable business of Jiangsu Zhongchao Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongchao cable"), which takes the vehicle as its own, clarified that it uses secret means, so its small load measurement accuracy is very low: "First of all, the picture is obvious, so his behavior conforms to the criminal constitution of larceny. Mr. Bao stole the company's property for the purpose of illegal possession. The amount is huge, and his behavior constitutes larceny, which should be punished according to law. In view of the fact that the stolen goods in this case have been recovered and returned, Mr. Bao was given a lighter punishment.

finally, the Chaoyang Court made a first instance judgment, sentenced Mr. Bao to fixed-term imprisonment of 3 years and 3 months and a fine of 3000 yuan for larceny. After the first instance judgment, Mr. Bao did not Appeal has been filed, and the first instance judgment has taken effect

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