The hottest man steals, hides under the bed, waits

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The man stole, hid under the bed and waited for the opportunity to fall asleep, snored and woke up the homeowner who was arrested

MA, a 28 year old man, was sentenced for theft. After he was released from prison, he did not repent, resumed his old business and entered the house for theft. This time, he fell asleep under the landlord's bed and snored. Yesterday, Ma was detained by the Lianhu District Investigation Court on suspicion of theft

Ma, a 28 year old criminal suspect, should have rested sincerely with both hands to support himself, but he was a charlatan, idling around all day and fooling around by thieves. Ma was sentenced to 10 months for theft in 2013, but he did not receive experience. On the afternoon of March 1 this year, Ma returned to his old business and left the Yi People's Hospital on Zaoyuan West Road in Xi'an. He found that the landlord of the hospital was installing anti-theft devices on the third floor, but the second floor had not been installed. The window of the west door on this floor was not closed, so Ma took the opportunity to turn over the window and come out. He poked the door lock of the outside room with his bank card. After some trouble, he found an apple and 10 yuan in cash. When he was preparing to escape the same way, he found that the anti-theft device on the second floor had started, and he could not escape. Just as the landlord came back, Ma had to hide in the bed in the bedroom and wait for the opportunity. Although the export volume of experimental machines in China is large, he unexpectedly fell asleep unconsciously. At more than 10 o'clock that night, the landlord was suddenly woken up by the snoring sound from the necessary check point on the control panel of many machines. He took a photo with a flashlight and found that there was a person under the bed. Ma was woken up by the light, and immediately got out and was about to run. As the host needs self-test after starting up, the landlord got up and caught Ma and called the police, and the public security organ took Ma away

the inspector reminded the citizens of the city that they must lock the doors and windows of their home when going out. If necessary, it is best to use the door lock with high anti-theft coefficient to prevent thieves from opening the door with tinfoil, cards and other items. At the same time, it is best not to put precious property and large amount of cash at home, in case of serious loss of wealth. (Xi'an evening news elegant zhaoshiyuan)

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