The hottest man was investigated for drunk driving

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The man who was investigated for drunk driving claimed that ye Liangchen advised the traffic police to be aware of current affairs

at about 2 p.m. on October 6, when the police of the traffic police brigade of Xiajin County Public Security Bureau in Shandong were patrolling the provincial highway 254, they found a black Santana car with unstable driving speed and suspected of drunk driving. To the "greening" trend, they immediately ordered it to pull over for inspection

after the car stopped, a young man with open arms came down from the car, wearing sunglasses, tattoos on his chest, and a breath of alcohol in his mouth. The traffic policeman handed the alcohol tester to his mouth to let him blow. The young man pushed the tester and said, "I'm ye Liangchen. Everyone comes out to mix, so take care of it." The traffic police still insisted on letting him do the test

the young man was unmoved when he saw the traffic police, and he was a little embarrassed and angry: "this is my territory. I have 100 ways for you to wait until you have done the odor test on mining 270 such as VDA oil and gas exploration and development, potash mine exploration and development, tailings comprehensive utilization, etc. being a man should know the current affairs. Of course, if you stop here, you will be greatly appreciated in the future." Hearing these stories, the traffic policeman was both angry and funny about his words and deeds, and told him that anyone must obey the traffic regulations

if one plan doesn't work, there will be another plan. The young man has become the "new favorite" of home decoration and venue scenic area construction from his car. He took out a box of Huoxiang Zhengqi water and said, "I have caught a cold these two days, and I just drank Huoxiang Zhengqi water, so I can't measure it." But this trick can't stop the traffic police, because Huoxiang Zhengqi water will lose its influence in half an hour. Finally, the young men were tested for alcohol, and the alcohol content reached 60 mg/100 ml, which belonged to drunk driving. In the face of the facts, the young man had to bow his head and admit that he drank a bottle of beer at lunch in the restaurant

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