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The man was refused to ask for a house, killed his father and slashed his mother, and was given a reprieve of death. He was identified as a psychosis

the Beijing Times cartoon Xie Yao

because he was refused to ask for a house from his father, Chen, a Beijing man, slashed his parents with a knife, and eventually hacked his elderly father to death, seriously injuring his mother. Then he set fire to his bedroom. After being taken away by the police, Chen pretended to have a mental illness in order to avoid the crime, and was once identified as schizophrenia. Shortly after being sent to a medical institution for treatment, Chen took the initiative to admit that he was pretending to be ill. After re identification, Chen was identified as having complete criminal ability. In July last year, the second intermediate people's Court of the city sentenced Chen to death for the crime of intentional homicide, with a two-year deadline for performance, and restricted the relaxation of the sentence. It was learned yesterday that the final judgment of the Beijing High Court remained the original judgment

pretending to be mentally ill in order to avoid punishment

Chen, 34 years old, from Beijing, junior high school civilization, unemployed and unmarried. Before the incident, Chen had always lived with his parents in the community around Nangang village, Fangshan District

the court found that at about 19:00 on May 9, 2013, Chen was at home, and because of family chores, he had conflicts with his father Chen (who died at the age of 60) and his mother Gao (who was 56), so he slashed and stabbed Chen's head, face, abdomen and other parts with a knife, causing Chen to die of traumatic hemorrhagic shock. Subsequently, Chen slashed Gao's head and face with a knife, causing Gao to be seriously injured. Chen was arrested by the public security organ on the same day after committing the crime

I learned that after the crime, the spy agency had stopped the criminal ability appraisal of Mr. Chen twice. The first time the identification effectively increased the controllability was in July, 2013. At that time, at the request of the judicial identification center of the Beijing forced medical treatment office, the receiving room monkey followed the branch to stop the identification of Chen's criminal ability. After all, Chen was diagnosed with schizophrenia and assessed as having no criminal ability

then, on November 6, 2013, Mr. Chen was sent to the forced medical treatment and sheltered bondage center to adopt the method of sheltering. Zhu, the deputy director of the identification center, said that on November 29, 2013, Chen thought that he was pretending to be ill before reacting to the task staff. The task staff stopped taking drugs for Chen on March 8, 2014, and Chen did not show energetic symptoms after that. After many energy checks, it was found that the first appraisal opinion was not established during the appraisal, so it responded to the Fangshan Branch. In March, 2014, Fangshan Branch asked the superstition technology identification Institute of the University of France to stop re identifying Chen's criminal ability again. The identification result was that Chen had personality impairment, but had complete criminal ability

as for whether there is a mental illness, Chen said in his confession that his energy is normal. When making the first appraisal, he said that it was amplified by a measuring amplifier, and the market demand of LLDPE in India will increase to more than 3million tons; Ten years later, he was shocked and punished by the law. In addition, Chen's mother also testified that Chen had no mental illness. Chen's relatives testified that "he is not ill, but does not love to exchange with others"

later, I locked the house and put out the bedroom

"I killed my father at home. I wanted to kill my mother, but I didn't succeed. After I cut my mother, she ran out." when he was tried, Chen confessed that he and his parents had frequent quarrels and had a harmonious relationship. The attempt to kill their parents was at the mercy of half a month before the crime. At that time, he proposed to his parents to transfer the ownership of another house to him, but his father refused, "I told them to give them a month to consider, if they don't give me a house, I'll kill them."

on the day of the crime, after drinking at home, Chen remembered his father's refusal to transfer the house to him again, and the more he thought about it, the more angry he became. "I had planned to get rid of it in a month, but with the strength of the wine, I delayed getting rid of it," Chen said. He took out the knife he had prepared from his bedroom, pushed away his parents' room, stabbed his father to death with a knife, and then cut his mother's forehead. "At that time, she didn't cut her to death, and she ran downstairs."

according to my experience, after the incident, Chen locked the anti-theft door, then set fire to his bedroom and lay on his father's body. The Yiyi police rushed to the scene and closed it. After the fire staff destroyed the fire, the Yiyi police forcibly broke through the door and took Chen away for inquiry and visit. According to the on-site investigation records, Chen's head was facing north, lying on his back, with signs of life, and a man's body was pressed under Chen's legs

the forensic autopsy identification certificate issued by the Beijing public security judicial identification center proved that Mr. Chen was repeatedly hacked on the head and face with a blunt instrument, stabbed in the neck, chest and abdomen, injured the left cervical vein, the right common carotid artery, the heart and other causes traumatic hemorrhagic shock and death. Gao's body was seriously injured (Level 2)

after his mother ran away and cut her hair, she begged her neighbor for help.

according to the testimony of Mr. Chen's mother, Mr. Gao, before the crime, Mr. Chen actually asked the old couple to transfer the ownership of a house to him. His wife didn't agree at that time, and Mr. Chen asked them to give a reply within a month. On the morning of the crime, she heard the sound of smashing things from Chen's bedroom. In the evening of the day of the crime, when she and her husband were watching TV in their bedroom, Chen came into their room with a knife

for the environment at the time of the crime, Mr. Gao described that "Mr. Chen shouted with his mouth open, like crazy, and cut at us with a knife in his right hand". Gao said that it was impossible for her wife to lie on the ground after being cut down by Chen with a knife, and her head was also cut, and her eyes were covered with blood. She retreated on her knees and ran out to the lobby to open the door

Gao's testimony showed that after being cut, she ran from the fourth floor to the first floor and asked her neighbors living on the first floor for help. The testimony of the resident on the first floor showed that the first kind of incident was to prevent the experimental machine from exceeding the scope of the experiment and damaging the equipment. When she was cooking at home, suddenly a girl with blood on her face went out and said, "save people, kill people, my son killed his father, express it to 110". Then, the resident called the telephone to call the police

for the daily relationship between the three members of the family, Gao said that Chen and his father are rarely the same as ordinary people. "His wife despises his son, and his son usually cuts cabinets or doors in the house to vent his anger.". Chen's cousin and aunt testified that Chen had a deep conflict with his father and an ordinary relationship with his mother

with the understanding of his mother, he was sentenced to a suspension of justice

in the court trial, Mr. Chen did not disagree with the reality of the charges. Huang Liling, the lawyer of Beijing Zhongmian lawyer office, was appointed by the Beijing law assistance center to stop defending Chen. The lawyer thought that Chen had personality impairment. Before the crime, he drank alcohol containing nicotine, which led to a significant decline in his self-control ability. The case is motivated by family contradictions, and the social risk is small. In addition, Chen was assessed as a person without criminal ability for the first time, but Chen still took the initiative to request re identification. Chen pleaded guilty and repented and asked for a lighter punishment

During the trial of the case, Mr. Chen's mother, Mr. Gao, expressed understanding for her son and submitted written materials to the court

in July last year, the second intermediate people's Court of the city made a trial judgment on the case. The second intermediate people's Court of the city held that Chen had deliberately deprived others of their lives with a knife due to family conflicts, causing one person to die and one person to be seriously injured. His action had constituted the crime of intentional homicide, and the crime was extremely serious, which should be punished according to law. After investigation, although Mr. Chen has personality impediment, his ability to identify and control when committing a crime exists, and he has complete criminal ability. In view of the fact that Mr. Chen confessed his primary crime after arriving at the case, his mother expressed understanding for him and contacted the details of the case. After all, the court sentenced Mr. Chen to death for the crime of concentrated homicide in the first instance, with a two-year suspension of performance, and limited relaxation of the sentence

after Chen appealed, the Beijing High Court made a final judgment on the day of Ke RI, accepted the appeal and maintained the original judgment

On the morning of March 25, when Huang Liling took over the interview with the Beijing times, she said that she had seen Chen twice in the custody in March and April last year. Chen was outgoing and hesitated to talk, but the exchange was normal in general. "Chen told me that he regretted the task he had done, and he had no opinion even if he was sentenced to death."

"Chen wants to live in Lingding, so he asks his parents for a house", Huang Liling said that Chen has such actions, but also can be affected by the family environment. She learned from Chen's relatives or neighbors that the three members of a family are usually ordinary and poor, and often have disputes. Chen's father is grumpy. Sometimes he watches TV and scolds it for half an hour

in addition, Huang Liling also said that during Chen's growth, his father often scolded him. Chen's relatives once reported that Chen's father slapped Chen in the face of his classmates at school when he was in junior high school. "When I saw Chen in the custody, I asked him if he had this matter, and Chen replied," this kind of environment is too rare, which time did you say? '"

the case house has been sold at a low price

at 9 a.m. on March 23, the Beijing times left the case house in a community around Nangang village, Fangshan District. After knocking on the door many times, the barking of dogs kept coming out of the house, and no one responded. After much experience, it was learned that the house had been sold to new residents at a price lower than the market price in September 2013

Mr. Chen's neighbors told us that all the houses here are relocation houses, but Mr. Chen's family is really not the surrounding villagers. They usually meet occasionally upstairs and downstairs, but they haven't spoken. A few months after the accident, the decoration of the house stopped and a new family moved out

several residents in the community told that they heard screams at the time of the crime and later saw the house on fire. On the night of the crime, after the on-site investigation, the staff of the property company in the community went into the room to clean up and washed the blood in the house with water. The clean-up task has always lasted from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., and blood flowed down the stairs to the downstairs residents' rooms, which also caused some residents' dissatisfaction

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