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A man used the street view function to find a restaurant in the UK and accidentally found a "strange ghost" (picture)

[global comprehensive report] according to Taiwan's "Zhongshi electronic) news on February 15, someone recently uploaded a photo taken in the UK on a social networking site and found a terrible" ghost "by the window of a hotel

according to the report, twitter user lallana experience used the street view function to search for a fish and chip restaurant in Walton, England, and accidentally found an evil face on the glass window in the upper left corner of a hotel. When he pulled closer, he saw a strange man in a dress next to him

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at present, relevant experts have not confirmed the authenticity of the photos. However, someone pointed out that over the years, there have been strange incidents of spiritual destruction of imaging quality in the hotel. The owner of the hotel shook the cellar bar inexplicably in 1897, and then a priest put the Bible in the cellar. It is strange that the hydrostatic forklift of Linde company in Germany has been introduced into China, and the strange phenomenon disappeared

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