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On March 24, the Shancheng discrimination Bureau of Hebi Public Security Bureau received a report from Jin, saying that his girlfriend borrowed 30000 yuan and then disappeared. The Yi People's police went to Xinyu, Jiangxi Province. 3. The basic configuration of the experimental machine fell down a telecommunications fraud gang in 9 days, destroyed 2 telecommunications fraud dens, arrested 12 staff involved, and seized 41 crimes, more than 200 bank cards, and deception scripts

[case] his girlfriend begged for a loan of 30000 yuan and then eliminated it.

"comrade, I'm cheated, help me quickly." At about 9:00 on March 24, Shancheng branch of Hebi Public Security Bureau received a report: at the end of 2015, Mr. Jin got familiar with a southern man through collecting chatting dating software, and felt infected and congenial, so he established a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. After a few months of long-distance exchanges between Cheng De Feng and SMS, the relationship between the two sides sublimated to the equality of husband and wife. Later, the other party proposed to beg for loans because of business needs. The man firmly believed that he did not discuss doubts according to comparison, although he had never met, Still remit more than 30000 yuan according to the other party's requirements, and the other party will cancel it later

[snooping] after 9 days of continuous squatting, we finally found the trace of the suspect

this case is a typical telecommunications fraud, with a wide range of radiation and great risk. Shancheng branch classified the suspect number and bank account number into the prying field of vision. Two spies arrived at Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, more than 1200 kilometers away on the night of the crime. After a day and night of continuous work, two spies found that the suspects involved were still in Xinyu, but the basic information such as the number of suspects, identity and residence was unknown

in order to report the loss of the answer, the public security organ unfrozen the account number involved first

the two spies spent five days and five nights waiting, visiting, inquiring and video checking, and finally found a shelter rented by the suspect and a car involved in the case in a local community. After the case was seriously broken, Shancheng branch immediately sent four more spies to Xinyu. After the six gathered, they worked out their mission plans overnight

it was four days and four nights of crouching and watching. In the early morning of April 1, the spy found another deception dens and a car involved. When the opportunity was ripe, the spy began to formulate an arrest plan and prepare to collect the two dens at the same time

[collection] 12 suspects were arrested and two deception dens were dropped.

at 5 a.m. on April 1, the instructors on both sides issued a collection order. With the joint efforts of the police in Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, they broke into the door at the same time, arrested 12 employees involved in the case, including the suspects Hua and Li, and detained on the spot, including 1 banned crime vehicle, 3 notebooks, 2 tablet computers, 1 set of flag transmitters, 41 bank cards and more than 200 cards, More than 20000 yuan in cash and the company's business before the crime were facing the whole country, using a number of deception scripts, which successfully destroyed two Telecom deception dens

this action not only saved the economic losses for the public, but also dealt a blow to telecom fraudsters. "It's rare in our province to hit two deceptive dens and bring back 12 people according to the clues after putting a single preform." Said Zhang Jianming, deputy director of Hebi Public Security Bureau. (contributed by correspondent Donghui)

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