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Overview of the three major problems and difficulties of tobacco packaging

as a high-end field of the packaging and printing industry, the obstacles to entering this sub industry are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Customer barriers

with the implementation of a challenging brand strategy with good mechanical performance, efficient self-healing effect and excellent optical performance of the national large market, large enterprises and large-scale integration, The tobacco industry has carried out large-scale mergers and acquisitions, and the industry concentration has increased significantly. In order to maintain the market share of its products, all cigarette enterprises have made great contributions to the supply chain?? Yingshang has set up a strict evaluation system in terms of scale, technology, design and many other aspects. Under the current bidding system, all cigarette factories conduct a comprehensive assessment of suppliers, and need comprehensive service providers that can provide integrated services from design, proofing, small batch production to mass production. Therefore, cigarette label enterprises need to invest a lot of resources and long-term experience accumulation and repeated practice to ensure the smooth applicability between upstream and downstream products. Once cigarette label enterprises become qualified suppliers of cigarette enterprises, they will maintain a long-term cooperative relationship. On the one hand, due to the complex process of cigarette label printing and high requirements for product consistency, once a new supplier is replaced, it may cause quality problems, thus affecting market demand; On the other hand, changing suppliers requires cigarette factories to spend a lot of time reviewing new suppliers, increasing management costs

therefore, as a new entrant, it is difficult to establish a perfect service network and excellent service ability in a short time, and customer relations will become a strong barrier for new entrants

2. Technical barriers

cigarette label printing requires long-term experience accumulation of professional technology due to the complex product process and high requirements for equipment and technical level. In addition, cigarette enterprises pay more attention to the design and R & D ability of cigarette label printing enterprises than the purchase cost. In general, the designer of each cigarette label will become the dominant supplier of the cigarette label supply in the future. Therefore, cigarette label printing enterprises must improve their R & D and design level, and constantly launch cigarette label schemes that can be favored by cigarette manufacturers in order to obtain large orders

due to the particularity of cigarette products, cigarette labels have strict quality control requirements, which are far higher than other printed materials in terms of raw material selection, printing technology level, process and printing effect, and are significantly different from other commercial printed materials in terms of environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting

with the increasing call for environmental protection and low carbon, many countries and regions have set higher industry standards for the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in cigarette labels. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements for cigarette products in China, the production and promotion of green cigarette labels will be the development trend of the cigarette industry and cigarette label printing industry in the future, and at the same time, the threshold of industry access will be raised

cigarette labels have higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting than general packaging and printing products. At present, the anti-counterfeiting of cigarette labels has changed from a single anti-counterfeiting technology to a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology integrating design, materials, printing and technology. On the one hand, in addition to embedding anti-counterfeiting materials in the materials, on the other hand, higher anti-counterfeiting printing technology is also adopted through the improvement of printing technology. The combination of various anti-counterfeiting methods greatly increases the complexity of cigarette label printing and improves the skills to enter the industry

3. Capital barrier

with the continuous integration of downstream cigarette factories, the concentration of the cigarette industry has gradually increased, and the output of single brand products will increase significantly in the future, which puts forward higher requirements for the scale of cigarette label printing enterprises. Only by expanding the production scale can we win the initiative of the market. In addition, due to the complexity of cigarette label printing process and high requirements for equipment, key production equipment is mainly imported from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Japan and other countries. The price of imported equipment is high, and the scale of one-time investment is large

at the same time, the R & D cycle of new cigarette label products is relatively long, during which many processes such as design, proofing, small batch trial production and so on are required. Large and medium-sized cigarette label printing enterprises actively cooperate with cigarette factories in the R & D and design of new products, which requires a lot of human and material resources to engage in the R & D of new products. Each year, the increase of paper price in 18 years is unclear, and the R & D funds invested are large. Therefore, the cigarette label printing industry is a capital intensive industry, with a large initial investment amount, which constitutes a certain capital barrier for new entrants

the identity authentication information security industry generally adopts the business model of integrating R & D, production, sales and technical services. Professor Yang zongkun should be interviewed by multiple media. The centralized bidding and selection of banks has become the driving force for sales in the industry and the organization of relevant production and technical authentication. The bank's procurement decision-making and actual procurement system process can be roughly divided into: through industry testing, through special bank testing, obtain the qualification of bank supplier shortlisted selection, and bank bidding procurement. In order to unify the technical scheme, ensure product quality and performance, and get better after-sales maintenance, major domestic banks are generally selected by the head office through centralized bidding, and determine the equipment manufacturers and product selection range of the winning bid. Each branch of the bank selects and determines the suppliers, product models, demand quantities, etc. within the selection range according to its own procurement plan, and reports the procurement demand to the bank head office. After confirmation by the head office, The branch sends a demand notice to the selected supplier, and the supplier delivers goods to the Bank branch according to the demand notice. For security and technical considerations, banks can usually maintain a stable cooperative relationship after selecting suppliers; However, in order to obtain competitive prices, it is generally possible to re bid in

in this mode, information security manufacturers need to meet the bidding requirements of the bank headquarters in terms of production scale, technical indicators, historical performance, quotation, etc., and also need to meet the recognition of bank branches in terms of after-sales service system construction, personalized application services, etc., which put forward higher and more comprehensive requirements for the operation and development of the industry. At the same time, due to the high requirements for security, stability and ease of use of identity authentication information security terminal, its hardware design, software development and follow-up service capabilities are the core competitiveness of identity authentication information security terminal manufacturers

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