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Overview of the trend of China Textile City on June 23

today, the total trading volume of China Textile City is about 7million meters. The passenger flow in the city is scarce, and the transaction atmosphere is still relatively flat. In today's market, only rayon calico and filament medium thin polyester printed linen calico in yarn fabrics have a good deal, and the goods are OK. The sales of other varieties are relatively light. At present, the stock ownership of most operators remains at a relatively high level. Facing the upcoming off-season, merchants have no choice but to start to reduce prices and promote some varieties, such as some imitation linen and polyester elastic cloth

today's index

polyester comprehensive index: 1355.7 (~ 0.1)

polyester filament index: 1202.2 (~ 0.2)

polyester chip index: 1735.1 (~ 4.8)

polyester staple index: 1522.1 (0.0 with optical film as the theme)

viscose filament index: 650.5 in order to cooperate with and support wire and cable manufacturers (0.0)

viscose staple index: 907.0 (0.0)

cotton cotlo2 Demand side OK a index (Far East):53.25 (+0.50)

cotton cotook a index: 54.55 (+0.50)

cotton cotook B index: 50.90 (+0.30)

cf507: 13370 (~ 190)

cf508: 13590 (~ 195)

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